Saturday, November 7, 2009

Main Gas Line Rupture Imperial Texas

Final Wildcat Football game of the season, finds us traveling to McCamey, Texas. During the pep rally, the principal made an announcement that we should all avoid the highway next to the gas plant in Imperial, Texas. Seems that the main gas line ruptured.

Daddy and I did just that, took an alternate route avoiding the gas plant. Watched the game, a close defeat, 48 to 40 and then headed back home. On the way to McCamey, daddy and I talked about the dangerous side effects of natural gas. He remembered how'd they found one of our local boys a few years back over come and passed out in his truck near a gas well.

You'd think with the main gas line rupturing at a major gas plant, I'm thinking Arco, that there'd be something on the local news. So far, I've not come across anything on the television, internet or in the Odessa American. Back in February when a gas line ruptured at a Carthage gas plant owned and operated by DCP Midstream, it caused an explosion. The plant employees and people living within a mile and half were evacuated.

We only got the information to avoid the area because we were going out to play some football, I wonder if the locals know anything about it?


TXsharon said...

I blogged about this and your sinkhole.

You need to evacuate.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

The kids and I spent the rest of the day in Odessa, at the movies and then out to eat, hoping that we breathed a bit cleaner air. I found out mid afternoon from my friend that the town of Imperial did indeed evacuate on Friday. I don't know as of yet if they've been allowed to return home. Wink is about an hour and a half away from Imperial. Daddy and I were nearby while going to the game on Friday.