Saturday, January 9, 2010

Express Energy Sued For Multiple Violations

Could it be that Express Energy is no stranger to a courtroom? Could it also be true that Express Energy is not only appearing in court for bankruptcy proceedings, but also for MULTIPLE violations of employment discrimination, personal injury negligence, breach of contract and name it, they've done it! (look on page 253)

It's a good thing that Express Energy didn't inflict any personal injury on our very own Eyes on Texas... Durango, but looking at the most recent court filings...I wouldn't put it past them.

There are multiple cases filed with the EEOC for all kinds of employment violations including, but not limited to:

Sexual discrimination, retaliation, age discrimination, racial discrimination, and violations of the Americans with Disabilities Act.

Then there are several health and safety suits filed by the Department of Labor. Under these are the personal injury suits filed against Express Energy.

One court case in particular caught my eye: Defamation and Intentional Infliction of Emotional Distress
Case No. CV-09-04-338

Jeffery A Bell and Wanda E Bell vs. Dickey Pate, Jr.; Dicky
Pate Jr.; Dickey L. Pate; CD Consulting & Operating
Company; Carrizo Oil & Gas, Inc.; Gary Cherry; Premiere,
Inc.; Express Energy Services Operating LP DBA Express Energy Services; Mike Byrd; Randy Davis; Richard J
Wiggins; Kendall Bennett; KRB Consulting, LLC; Michael
Barton; Champion Exploration Corp DBA Champion
Exploration; Quicksilver Energy Company DBA Quicksilver;
Quicksilver Resources, Inc. DBA Quicksilver; Quicksilver
Gas Services, LP DBA Quicksilver; Quicksilver Gas
Services, GP LLC DBA Quicksilver; Quicksilver Gas
Services Operating , LLC DBA Quicksilver; Quicksilver Gas
Services Operating GP, LLC DBA Quicksilver; Quicksilver
Service Company, Inc. DBA Quicksilver; Denbury
Resources, Inc; Denbury Onshore, LLC; Denbury Holdings,
Inc.; Chesapeake Energy Corporation; Chesapeake Operating Inc

As hard as I looked I couldn't find anything out about this one. Maybe a person in Wise County can go and check this out.


TXsharon said...

HOLY COW! I was going to turn page 253 into a graphic so we could all post it BUT it starts on page 250 and goes on and on and on and on and on...

I think any company that operates in an industry that could harm human health and inflict harm on our environment should meet certain standards. One of those standards is a thorough background check and these kinds of abuses should automatically disqualify anyone involved from having such a business.

In other words: ONLY people with a certain level of responsibility and conscience should be allowed to operate...

In other words: NO CRIMINALS ALLOWED !!!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I know! I was going to list the cases, but there were WAY TOO MANY!!!

Well, to go from supplying coil tubing to providing "cradle to grave" services for the oil & gas industry in just seven years?!? Seems that A LOT would go unchecked.

Durango said...

Yikes! Did I dodge some sorta bullet with these thugs?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I'm thinking you did