Thursday, June 9, 2011

The Queen Of Wink Is Missing

Yikes! It has come to my attention that the Queen of Wink has vanished! Wait, hold on a minute...I am the Queen of Wink!

A few days ago, I became utterly disgusted with Facebook. Not so much the social networking vehicle itself, but just the whole convoluted pretentious idea of the Facebook way of life.

Like Durango stated in his blogging of the missing Queen of Wink, I am an avid user of Facebook. Being an avid user, does take an enormant amount of time. (I realize that enormant isn't really a word, but it should be)

Seeing that I have an enormant amount of painting, cleaning and reorganizing to do and only an innormant (again, yes, I know) amount of time to complete these tasks before the kiddos get back from visiting their sperm donors, I've decided to take a much needed hiatus from Facebook.

I am a person, that will admittedly admit, that I have a very addictive personality. If there's junk food in the house...I'm going to eat it. If there's alcohol in the house...I'm going to drink it. And...if there's an avenue to being non productive, let's say by spending enormant amounts of time on Facebook...well, by golly, I'm going to waste that time on Facebook.

The only obvious path of least resistance is to "put away" Facebook for a little while so that I can focus all my energy on more important things. Such as playing Scrabble on and...uh, I mean...of course, remodeling the bedrooms.


Durango said...

Yes you do have an addictive personality. That is why it is so noticeable when the personality one has gotten addicted to goes missing.

Well, I now have the explanation of your Facebook disappearance.

I am just a little shocked to learn that you've got a drinking problem. The junk problem, not so much.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...
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Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Hmmm...I may not have worded that quite right. It seemed grammatically correct at the time I wrote it, but after reading my now published comments on your blog, I seem to have made several mistakes. Oh, bother...

I solve most of my problems by removing the "items" or "persons" from my environment, thus solving my addiction problems. I so wish I had stronger will power, but alas...I'm just a girl