Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Walk Through The Buiral Grounds

Dusk...the in between time of day's end and night's begin beckoned to the revelers as they writhed warily amongst the headstones of the timeworn burial ground. The cemetery, protected by unbending Weeping Willows with bony branches, breached the night sky to pierce the sickening stillness. All those in attendance whispered a solemn prayer, trusting that the Omnipotent watcher would bequeath spoken boon. As the twilight slipped into darkness, the procession grew more solemn, the resolve a bit weakened like that of the branch of the frail Willow. Just a few more yards and the dare would be completed, triumph within grasp, but then a rasp shattered the stoic silence. The sound intensified and yet the distinct location couldn't be ascertained by the attendees. With never more the fiber to persevere...and stricken with a bolt of fear, they departed never completing the nighttime dare.

Sunday, October 24, 2010

The Kiaser's Talk To Hell

While in the process of going through water logged items, I came across a box of my Great Great Grandfather Boliver's belongings. A pocket watch, a pair of spectacles and a poem, being typed and signed at the bottom by my Great Great Grandfather. Take a read, let me know...have you seen this before? If not, I can only infer that it was possibly composed by him.

The Kaiser's Talk To Hell

The Kaiser called the devil up
On the telephone one day
The girl at central listened
To all they had to say.

"Hello". She heard the Kaiser say,
Is old man Satan home?
Just tell him it is Kaiser Bill,
That wants him on the phone.

The devil said, "Hello" to Bill
and said "How are you?"
I'm running a hell here on earth
Now tell me what to do.

"What can I do" the devil said,
"My dear old Kaiser Bill,
If there's a thing that I can do,
To help you sure I will

The Kaiser said, "Now Listen
And I will try to tell
The way that I am running things
on earth a modern hell.

I've saved for this for many years
And I've started out to kill,
That it will be a modern job
You leave to Kaiser Bill

My army went thru Belgium
Shooting women and children down,
We tore up all her country
And blowed up every town.

My Zepps dropped bombs on Cities,
Killing both the old and young
And those the Zepplins didn't get
Were taken out and hung.

I started out for Paris,
With the aid of poisonous gas,
The Belgians, Darn them, stopped us
And would not let us pass.

My submarines are devils,
Why you should see them fight,
They go sneaking thru the sea
And will sink a ship at sight.

I was running things to suit me
Till a year or so ago,
Then a man called "Woodrow Wilson,
Wrote me to go slow.

He says to me, Dear William,
We don't want to make you sore
So be sure to tell your U-Boats,
To sink our boats no more.

We have told you for the last time,
So dear Bill its up to you,
And if you do not stop it
You'll have to fight us too.

I did not listen to him.
And he's coming after me,
With a million Yankee Sailors
From their home across the sea.

Now, that's why I called you Satan,
For I want advice from you
I know that you will tell me,
Just what I ought to do.

My dear old Kaiser William,
There's not much for me to tell
For the Yanks will make it hotter,
Than I ever could in Hell.

I've been a mean old devil
But not half as mean as you,
And the minute that you get here,
I will give the job to you.

I'll be ready for your coming,
And I'll keep the fires all bright
And I'll have your room all ready,
When the Yanks begin to fight.

For the boys in blue will get you,
I have nothing more to tell,
Hang up the phone and get your hat,
And meet me here in HELL.

D.F. Boliver

Love Your Enemies

"Haters of God and his people are to be hated... We must hate in the truest sense, which is to regard with extreme and active aversion, to consider as loathsome, odious, filthy, to detest. ...enemies are recognized by their intense dislike for his people and the work these are doing."

I'm agnostic...I have doubts, but I do know this...I'm not a hater. Why? Because Jesus said so...

"Love your enemies and pray for those who persecute you." Matthew 5:44. 2 Cor. 11:12-15; 2 John 1: 9 - 11; Luke 6: 35

No Resistance

I just love those people who spout no resistance for the sake of their beliefs. Don't they realize they have the freedom to have those beliefs because of those that fought to prevent tyranny? I'm thinking more and more...we should of just let Hitler win... Just sayin'

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Durango and I Make A Vow

I'm hoping that Mr. Durango is serious about us doing the Amazing Race together. I am in dire need of some physical activity that only the Dear Durango can provide. I remember when Durango used to be known as Doctor Durango...I could sure use some of his doctoring right about now.

I have tickets to the Black Label Society concert in Grand Prairie on the 30th of October. I had planned on attending said concert with my son and his girlfriend. Now, there are two things amiss that will cause me to fore go the event. First of all, my son is scheduled for ACL surgery this coming Wednesday and he no longer has a girlfriend. Well, the latter is of no consequence, but I can't very well take a hobbled crippled of a child with me to a Rock concert and honestly, I have no other friends that would even be interested. It was like last year when I had to attend the Cheap Trick concert by myself in Dallas.

Instead, since I have an Annie free weekend, I've decided to take in some local entertainment. Listen to a band that goes by the name of Sally Thieves. It just so happens that the drummer and I are on a first name basis.