Sunday, October 31, 2010

A Walk Through The Buiral Grounds

Dusk...the in between time of day's end and night's begin beckoned to the revelers as they writhed warily amongst the headstones of the timeworn burial ground. The cemetery, protected by unbending Weeping Willows with bony branches, breached the night sky to pierce the sickening stillness. All those in attendance whispered a solemn prayer, trusting that the Omnipotent watcher would bequeath spoken boon. As the twilight slipped into darkness, the procession grew more solemn, the resolve a bit weakened like that of the branch of the frail Willow. Just a few more yards and the dare would be completed, triumph within grasp, but then a rasp shattered the stoic silence. The sound intensified and yet the distinct location couldn't be ascertained by the attendees. With never more the fiber to persevere...and stricken with a bolt of fear, they departed never completing the nighttime dare.

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