Monday, November 1, 2010

Singing The Jango Blues

I've been a member of Jango for quite some time. I figured out how to add friends to my wall, taking a term from Face Book, a few months ago. Until then, I listened to my music in peace. I like Jango because I am able to create countless radio stations to match my listening moods. One can add various artists from any genre, such as if I wanted I could have Evanescence and Cheap Trick on the same station, which by the way, I do. I digress, back to listening in peace.

Like I said, I had been listening in peace, then I started accepting friends. These new friends are from all over. You have several options. You can send an email, a one line shout or a thank you. I like the shouts and thank yous. Short and simple. The emails, not so much.

I accepted a friend request from someone named Stu. This Stu person wrote very lengthy emails to which I responded, sometimes in great length as well. Why not? I like to write and read, so it seemed absolutely normal. Oh, we discussed stuff such as religion and relationships, the usual.

Well, happened. I got busier. Flood, surgery, know, the normal stuff. I didn't go onto Jango for a few days, but when I did I had this miserable email from Stu informing me of how awful of a friend I was for ignoring him. I apologized for a bit of chaos in my life. He didn't accept and has deleted his profile from Jango...basically he no longer exists, my world anyway.

How strange. Then I get an email from another fella, that wants to know my religion. Okay, I respond, informing him that I'm not affiliated with any religion that I'm a truth seeker. He then sends off this rather lengthy email informing me the true religion is Catholicism. I'm thinking...hey, when did I ask?

So, I'm thinking I just want to go back to listening to my music in peace...


Durango said...

Was the disturbing Jango emailer named Stu the same Stu who also calls himself Big Ed? If it is, I feel your pain. I can rarely read what that boy writes without cringing.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I can't really say, there was never a profile pic, but yeah...I cringed

Durango said...

I have asked the Stu known as Big Ed if he is Jango Stu. Big Ed claims to have no idea what Jango is. Which seems to me to be just the sorta thing a guilty perp would say. But, in Big Ed's defense, it ain't like him to get all bent out over someone ignoring him. So, I am thinking Jango Stu is a different Stu. How odd that you would come in contact with 2 Stu's. I remember an infamous Seinfeld episode where Elaine opined that she had never met a normal person named Stuart. Or something like that.

stephdc said...

When I add friends, I may sometimes go through their playlists but never respond to their emails. If I wanted new friends to talk to, I would add them to fb. I want to listen to music so that's what I'm going to do. :)

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Well...Catholic boy is back...wanting to know if he freaked me out! Really, this boy doesn't know a thing about me... :-)

Thanks for inquiring of Big Ed...I'm sure he wouldn't dare accuse me of ignoring him, besides...he knows I'm your gal ;-)