Sunday, February 28, 2010

Shouldn't The Carter Ave Rally Be On The Institute For Justice's Event Website?

The Institute for Justice has a web page specifically designed to show events and rallies directly related to eminent domain. Well, I checked it today, looking at March 4th and do you know what I didn't see? That's right...I didn't see the Carter Avenue Rescue Operation Protest and Rally.

Now, I'm fairly certain that Texas contains a great deal of eminent domain. I'm thinking that I read recently that Tarrant County was the capital of eminent domain. Maybe one of my smarter friends can verify that for me.

Seeing that the Institute for Justice is all about rendering aid to those Americans in need of getting Justice served, you'd think at the very least they would at least put the Carter Avenue Rescue Operation Protest and Rally on their event page. I'm truly confused.

Why Doesn't The Institute of Justice Give Legal Assistance to Steve Doeung?

We all thought it would be a fantastical idea to contact the Institute of Justice to ask them for help in Steve Doeung's fight against Chesapeake Energy and the City of Forth Worth and their Lackey of a Mayor, Moncrief. Then come to find out...the Institute of Justice was already contacted and they refused to help?

I took a look at their website, and you should as well. According to what they preach they're all about protecting the freedom of speech and people's personal property rights against eminent domain abuse. Well, I decided to look at a few of the cases they've been involved with, maybe I'm barking up the wrong tree.

San Juan County v. No New Gas Tax. I read that a private law firm stood to gain privately from not rolling back the gas tax. Well, isn't that very similar to a certain Mayor of Fort Worth that stands to gain privately by allowing Chesapeake to run their dangerous non-odorized pipeline under the residents' of Carter Avenues' houses? And when Steve was ticketed for violations that were directly related to him displaying a visual protest against Chesapeake Energy...wasn't that an attempt to "shut him up" and suspend his right to free speech?

So, HEY...Institute for Justice...what gives? Why not this case? We haven't even looked at the eminent domain abuse aspect of Steve Doeung's case, but we will.

Saturday, February 27, 2010

A total whirlwind of a week that ended with some great and wonderful news. All week long I have trained to be a member of the 2010 Census. I can't say that everyday of the training has been tantalizing, but I have learned a whole bunch, met some people, and acquired my area assignment for the next three weeks.

We went from having a snow day on Tuesday to having a shorts and tee shirt day on Wednesday, very bizarre weather. On my snow day, stuck inside, I emailed and talked long distance to some good people over in Fort Worth and within a matter of DAYS, a most important crucial rally was birthed.

On top of that, do you remember me mentioning how proud I was of my former Pecos middle school students that are now Pecos high school students? My former Pecos students PROTESTED the unfair removal of Coach Henson from the Athletic Director spot at Pecos High School. This PROTEST included the students making posters with slogans such as: "NO COACH, NO SCHOOL"...that's right, then the students refused to go into school.

I know what you're thinking, "Good for them, but you know...nothing is going to change." I kid you not, I have heard those very words uttered all week long since the PROTEST showed up on the evening local news. NOTHING IS GOING TO CHANGE...well, my dear friends, something has changed. Just last night, with only two months on the job, Superintendent Lujan has decided to RESIGN.

Now, I don't know if the SAVE CARTER AVE PROTEST RALLY next Thursday, March 4th will bring about the same type of change as did the PECOS PROTEST RALLY, but I do know this. This is not the end. Chesapeake, beware...

You've called down the thunder and well now, you've got it!

Thursday, February 25, 2010


The Carter Avenue Rescue Operation will be holding a rally on the Courthouse steps Thursday, March 4th at 7:30 a.m. Everyone is invited to attend.

This rally will be held prior to Steve Doeung's court appearance in his battle with Chesapeake Energy. Steve Doeung is attempting to stop Chesapeake Energy from using eminent domain to take his home in order to put a pipeline beneath the homes along Carter Avenue in Fort Worth.

Steve Doeung does not have legal counsel. He is a Lone Ranger battling Chesapeake Energy. The last time Steve Doeung was in court he was virtually alone against Chesapeake Energy.

This time we do not want Steve Doeung to be alone. We want Steve to feel the support of his fellow Texans, with a solid, loud expression of the American Spirit.

The Court hearing begins at 8:30. Please come witness this historic moment in Fort Worth and Texas and show your support for Steve Doeung and the residents of Carter Avenue.

All North Texans should be concerned with the process and outcome of this hearing. A recent Fort Worth Business Press article named Tarrant County, the eminent domain capital of Texas, which by default likely makes Tarrant County the eminent domain capital of America.

YOUR neighborhood could be next.

Speakers at the event include:

Louis McBee - Vietnam Veteran, Business Owner, Community Leader, Former Mayoral Candidate and Treasurer of NCTCA

Glen Bucy - Afghanistan Veteran, Former City Council Candidate, and Local Community Activist

Billy Mitchell - Rancher, Eminent domain abuse victim, Community Activist

And special guest - DISH, TX Mayor, Calvin Tillman - Mayor Tillman has been leading the way with his determination and resolve to ensure the safety of resident's rights concerning gas drilling, not only in DISH, but the entire state of Texas. He was recently invited to speak to citizens in New York about their concerns with gas drilling issues.

CARTER AVENUE RESCUE OPERATION begins at 7:30 a.m. on Thursday, March 4, 2010 at 100 W. Weatherford in Fort Worth. That is the Old Historic Courthouse at the north end of downtown, across the street from Heritage Park. Just follow the signs, downtown, to Sundance Square, where you will find plenty of parking lots.

Refreshments will be provided. Please plan on attending and bring your family and friends!

Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Census Training Cancelled By Snow Storm

That's the view from my front door looking across my yard into my neighbor's yard. That's a lot of snow and it's still coming down. I've complained to Old Man Winter already, but he's not taking complaints. I'm done with Winter. My Rose bushes were done with Winter, they had already started budding. I took the week off from my teaching assignment to do a week of training for the 2010 Census. Why would someone take a week off from their real job in order to train for a part time gig?

The school in which I teach will be closing soon. We were promised and assured by the leaders in Austin that we would have until August 31st of 2010. Then suddenly, an email was sent by Cherie Townsend stating that if West Texas State School and Victory Field closed early, let's say, by April 2nd of 2010, it would save the state 3 million dollars and possibly meet the budget cut requirements set forth by Governor Perry.

If the school closes April 2nd, then I'll have to drive four hours a day to Iraan in order to continue to work. I'm thinking I just might not do that. I'd have to leave the house around 4:30AM and that means waking my nine year old and getting her over to mommy's and daddy's at that time. Wouldn't you consider this quite a hardship?

The 2010 Census isn't really a part time gig. Seems that I have the opportunity to work seventeen weeks. That's a lot of guaranteed money. Also, I'm getting back into the insurance business, Medicare to be specific. And if Congress is able to create a National Payor, they're going to need a lot of insurance representatives, and that's something I know how to do REALLY well.

Considering I'm snowed in for the time being, I should probably use my time wisely and do a bit of cleaning and organizing. I should probably make some soup as well, I'm thinking Crab Bisque would be good. Yummy!

2 tablespoons butter
2 tablespoons all-purpose flour
1/2 teaspoon salt
1/4 teaspoon white pepper
1 teaspoon chicken bouillon granules
2 tablespoons finely chopped onion
1 1/2 cups half-and-half cream
1/2 pound pre-cooked crab meat
1/2 cup white wine

1.In a large saucepan, melt butter over a low heat. Stir in flour, salt, white pepper, bouillon granules, and onion. Blend 3/4 cup half-and-half cream into the mixture. Mix in shrimp and crab meat. Turn the temperature to medium heat and continue stirring until the mixture thickens.
2.Blend the remaining half-and-half cream and wine into the mixture.

Monday, February 22, 2010

CARO Carter Avenue Rescue Operation

This is your chance to become a fan of something really good! Steve Doeung, our lone ranger on Carter Avenue, rides back into court to take on Chesapeake Energy in the latest showdown. Stay up to date with comments and notes by Steve himself. You may even see a letter or two from the infamous Durango. There could possibly be a regal visit by the Queen herself.
Take a moment and check out the page. If you have a Face Book account, become a fan and help us spread the word. On March 4th, we need people...planes, trains and automobiles, even motorcycles, of people to support Steve! Meet at the courthouse, make some noise...let the man know you have his back.

Sunday, February 21, 2010

Listening To Your Heart

When you're a child you imagine wispy wonderful whimsical widgets. Your heart speaks suddenly and soundly like a stoic soldier issuing commands. These ideas and commands comforts the idealistic nature of your soul, they're aligned with your inner wants and desires. I have the belief that in your childhood your destiny is revealed, that if you only paid it a bit of attention we would grow up knowing exactly what we need to accomplish, become and love.

Take for instance, my most favorite scene from It's A Wonderful Life. It's when George is a kid, old enough to be a soda jerk. He takes his place behind the counter to get Mary some ice cream. As he's scooping her ice cream, George explains that he'll be a famous explorer. But Mary has other plans, she leans over the counter while he's bent down and whispers:

Is this the ear you can't hear in? George Bailey, I'll love you until the day I die.

You can find Mary whispering the sweet sayings at 5:52. Mary clearly knows she loves George and never forgets it. I make it a habit of listening to my children when they express their inner desires and things they like. We keep a scrap book of all the thoughts, ideas and things they want to do...sort of a bucket list.

One of Annie's childhood dreams is to open an animal shelter with one of her friends, Mallory. They already have a really cute name picked out, Annnie-Mals. She also has a list of characteristics for her future mate, one is that he must be extremely fond of animals. We've been adding to this scrap book yearly, it will be my graduation present to her one day, and hopefully she'll always remember her childlike wants and wishes, and truly have a wonderful life.

The Cootie Queen

My friend Durango refers to me as the Queen of Wink. This reference can sometimes get under the skin of people who actually think of themselves as royalty. Thinking about being the queen, made me think about one of my favorite commercials. Yes, I do like commercials. Usually, that's all the attention span I have... about 3 minutes.

This particular commercial is an Orbit one, referencing the ever popular Cootie Queen. Under normal circumstances the Cootie Queen can be found in most elementary schools. The Cootie Queen is not well liked by others and that's because she spreads cooties. I'm thinking Kaye Bailey Hutchinson is a former Cootie Queen that's grown into a Bailout Queen.

What has Kaye Bailed out on? Didn't she say she would do only TWO terms in the Senate? Wasn't that in 1993 when she made that statement? Didn't she also say that she would resign from the Senate when she ran for governor? Then of course, the most credible proof of earning her title...she voted for the bailout. I'm thinking though that soon, we'll be singing her a tune:

Na na na na na na na na
Hey hey hey goodbye

Friday, February 19, 2010

New Super Lujan Is A Super DUD

I'm am so proud of my former Pecos students. Today, I watched them on the local news ditch school. Now why would you think a teacher of sound mind like myself would be proud of students cutting class? To express their opinion and protest an unfair act.

Lately, you've been hearing about Kermit, Texas and it's corrupt ways in the dealings of nurses blowing the whistle on erroneous doctors. Let's just say that the local school has just about the same amount problems. Of course, I don't have official sources, but a member of the Kermit ISD School Board did confirm that former Superintendent Lujan was asked to leave.

Lujan and his band of merry followers, followed him to Pecos where they have ousted the beloved Athletic Director, Hensen. I worked with Hensen and his wife and taught their daughter at Crockett Middle School. The entire family is a valuable asset to the community as well as truly loved.

It's time that good people quit being trampled on. It's time that we the people stand up for our rights and do what's right. It's time for the good ol boy Texas network to hit the curb! So, HEY FORT WORTH!!!! Pay attention! Are you going to let a bunch of high school students out do you? Steve Doeung NEEDS YOUR HELP! Be at the court house March 4th! Call your friends, take the kids out of school, alert the media: The Battle of the Century is on!!! Chesapeake Energy vs Steve Doeung!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

No Longer A Lent Mass Virgin

I attended Mass last night with Jesee to celebrate Lent. Is that the proper term? Celebrate? I'm not sure, was my first Lent Mass. I've been to a Christmas Midnight Mass and a Funeral Mass, but I've never been to a Lent Mass, so now, I'm no longer a Lent Mass Virgin. Pardon me, Virgin Mary.

Why'd I go if I'm not Catholic? Because, Jesse asked me if I wanted to go, and you know me, can't ever say no. Mass started at seven o'clock, we arrived around six o'thirty to get a seat up front. Jesse loves sitting near the front, he's very Catholic.

After arriving, Jesse then observed that the Spanish choir was setting up which meant that the Mass would be done in Spanish. And no, I don't speak Spanish. I picked up the little Mass book, and started practicing reading the responses, so I'd be able to chime in with the rest of everyone else.

The Spanish choir began to play...accordion, keyboard and Spanish guitars. I'll have to say, that the songs had this sorta upbeat tempo and I really enjoyed it. I pretended to know the words and mouthed along (I did know the melody).

Wow...the Catholics do a lot of kneeling and standing and sitting and kneeling and standing and sitting...and it all has something to do with this little chiming you hear. I responded as best as I could in Spanish, but while there was some down time (I call it this, because we were just watching the priest prepare communion) I turned to the English portion of the little Mass book and read the scriptures chosen for Lent.

Sacrifice, if done openly isn't really a sacrifice at all. If you seek praise from the people around you then you've received your reward. Let's say that Jesse and I have given up meat for Lent. So, if we go around looking all tired and worn out because we haven't had our meat, well, then that's not true sacrifice. You're supposed to stay all perky, and happy and dressed up nice.

Okay, so I was ready for my ashes. The ashes are from the Palms that are burned from the previous year's Palm Mass. They are saved and used for Lent. I got in line with everyone else and received my ashen mark on my forehead. Jesse told me that you are not supposed to wash the ashes off on purpose that you just let them wear off.

This worried me quite a bit. I think I worried too much about it. As I pondered these ashes, the priest finished preparing for the Communion. I wasn't supposed to partake of Communion because I hadn't gone through the Catechism. Instead, I crossed my arms in front of my chest and then I just received a blessing from the priest. Which I really needed, you can't get too many blessings.

Now I'm wondering if blessings are sorta like wishes. Can you save the blessing? Can you give the blessing to someone else? Can you use the blessing and ask for more blessings? Maybe I need to go to the Catechism to find out.

Wednesday, February 17, 2010

The Cat's Out of the Bag

Rumor upon rumor upon rumor has spread like a vicious virus infecting the normal routine of the West Texas State School. How would I know of a thing? Because darlin', it's where I work, but not for long. We had a feeling a couple of years ago that something Wicked this way was coming for us West Texans and it's called budget cuts. Last year, right after Spring Break the state redirected half our student population to other state facilities causing a ripple effect of job lay offs.

At the end of this year, the transformer blew in the education building on campus leaving teachers and students in the dark and without heat during some of the coldest days of 2009. The state decided they wouldn't fix the problem and left us in the cold. We eventually found space in old warehouses and moved our belongings and continued to hold school despite the harsh and unfriendly conditions. We took this as a sign that our days were numbered.

Today, that sign has become a full blown slap to the face. Cherie Townsend, in an attempt to meet state government's demands for a 5% budget cut within all state entities, has proposed the early closing of the school. This closing is slated for April 2nd. We were assured over and over and over again that the school wouldn't be closing until the end of August. That we'd have our jobs until the end of August. That the students that we've been so dedicated to for the past couple years would be with us to TAKS test and GED test, but now that promise has been broken.

Yes, I agree with the man in the green suit and patriot tie on the CBS News when he states that West Texans are considered step children that no body likes when it comes to making decisions for the entire state. We are usually abandoned and left to fend for ourselves. Oh well, it's not the first time and I'm certain it won't be the last.

The Pipeman Cometh

An ancient Greek philosopher came to this conclusion one day, "Justice is simply the advantage of the stronger." Then someone else later said that rules are fair and just to the absolute ruler even if those rules make no sense to the average citizen because they're there to protect the greater good . Of course, this premise was dogged and ridiculed much later by some French guy who said that rules come to be by the consensus of the people for the common good of the people. But my idea of justice comes from an old Chinese Proverb, and only has merit if you're a romantic sap like I am...Justice lies naturally in people's hearts.

In my heart I know that what is happening to Steve Doeung and the residents of Carter Ave is wrong. That although eminent domain is the law of the land, that it somehow is only just in the eyes of that mighty ruler, Chesapeake. How silly you may think I am for feeling this way, an utter hopeless romantic and doer of good, but...ponder for a moment. If Steve loses we all lose, because what will keep any self serving entity from taking what belongs to you in the name of the economy or cheap energy?

Is Steve and others like him just mere roadblocks, people of no consequence to be treated inhumanely? Are we expendable? Do our lives and wants and needs not matter? Are we of no value?

In just a few weeks, Steve will meet Chesapeake once again in court. He will be all alone facing the Giants of Industry with their team of expert lawyers. How is it that an American Citizen has no rights or the ability to have an appointed attorney to defend him in a court of law? I speak from emotion, but Steve regals from wisdom:

"The allegedly foreign terrorist accused of trying to blow up a transcontinental jet full of American citizens around Christmas was immediately appointed one of the best legal counsels (per national media) to lead in the defense of his rights, but this simple tax-paying American citizen (by choice, no less) who bleeds--and is always ready and willing to bleed--red, white, and blue cannot get legal help to simply protect his most fundamental rights as a law-abiding citizen."

I'm calling on Senator Davis and Representative Burnam to make a change. We the people DEMAND reform and will accept no less.

Tuesday, February 16, 2010

Not Finding Area 51 Stuff At The Winkler County Airport

A few days ago an ex Kermite, posted a request that I go check out the Winkler County Airport, since I live nearby, and I do...I live in Wink which is near the the Winkler County Airport, but six hours from everything else.

Since I have a difficult time saying no, I immediately went to the airport in search of Area 51 type stuff. My commentor and ex Kemite, stated that a recent Earth Google turned up an area of the airport blacked out. How could I resist?

I arrived at said airport looking for someone I could ask questions of. No one answered. That's odd, how can planes land without someone giving them permission to land? Don't you need an air traffic controller or is that something that only happens in movies?

Throwing caution to the wind, I drove out to the far end of the airport, I believe the South side. I went a long the runway. I know what you're thinking, but surely...since there were no sign of an air traffic control person, then surely there wouldn't be any planes.

Driving along the runway, I stopped and took pictures here and there. Nothing unusal. Tank farms, windsock, runways, plane...what!?! That's right, to my unexpected surprise a plane was coming in for a landing. I hurriedly made my way back to the hangers.

I profusely apologized to Jim the pilot. He paid me no mind as he gassed up his airplane. After gassing up his plane, he then proceeded to tell me that the weather was taking a turn for the worse. I could see that. My nice sunny day was turning into an ominous foreboding gray with wild winds accompanying it.

After conversing more with Jim, I found out that he is a pipeline pilot. He flies up in the air looking for signs of pipeline leaks. What are these signs? Dead stuff. Yep, and with it being in the dead of winter it makes it pretty hard to distinguish gas dead stuff from winter dead stuff. Jim has an awfully taxing job.

I just couldn't get enough of Jim so I followed him into the office of the airport. That's when I spotted the air traffic controller. He was staring at me intently. I was worried that I was going to be in trouble for driving on the runway, but he let me go with a bark.

As far as I can tell after visiting the airport, there isn't any Area 51 type activity taking place. The only new construction was the extending of the runway.

Monday, February 15, 2010

The Day After

Any chocolate overdoses out there I need to know about? Why is it that when you're single and content that people tend to think you have issues? I get up each morning, brew some java and smile...I love my life. No, I don't have everything I want, but what I do have I enjoy and am happy with. Isn't that the real trick? Being content with what one has? Does that mean I'm advocating that you shouldn't strive to have more? No, of course it doesn't.
Another thing I'd like to comment on before I head out the door. Change. I used to think that it was perfectly normal to want to change things about other people to make them fit more appropriately into your world. I now, after years of mistakes and miscommunication, found that to be very ill advised. Think of it this way, the person you may be trying to "change" or "fix" is probably the perfect somebody for someone else and there you are ruining that person for his/her soul mate. So, be patient, your sexy counterpart is out there somewhere, no need to go and create one.

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy Valentines Day Well Sorta

Oh,'s Valentines Day, again. I've never been a big fan of V Day. I know what you're thinking, "Oh, that's because you ain't got no sweetie." Not true. No, I mean it's true that I ain't got myself a sweetie, however, that's not the reason why I don't celebrate V Day.
Why should I limit my hugs and kisses to just one day a year? That seems an awfully silly thing to do when you love someone. Doesn't it? I mean, really, shouldn't you be showering your love on your lover on a daily basis? I'm thinking just once a year...not good.
If I had a lover, a sweetie, I'd tell him every day that I loved him, not just on V Day. Each day I'd wake up with a smile knowing that my sweetie would at some point contact me during the day. Whether it be through email, a quick phone call or even a text. I'd go through my day at work with a certain knowing that he's out there holding his phone, pencil, steering wheel...touching an inanimate object...knowing that at some point that object he's touching would eventually be me. And when we were finally face to face, across the room, a crowded room, that given the smile would reach him, my eyes would meet his and then he'd be quite aware of how I feel, and not just on V Day, but every day.
Sharing a book, discussing an event, lying next to each other on a hammock, enoying the breeze, feeling water flow around us, appreciating the beauty of our world, walking together sometimes hand in hand sometimes not, a hug hello, a hug goodbye, a brush of skin against skin...all these small events of everyday...mean more to me than a present on V Day. So, possibly I'm a bigger romantic than you...and I don't even celebrate Valentines Day.

Saturday, February 13, 2010

All Alcos Are Not Created Equal

My friend Jesse has been out walking the town, the town of Monahans that is. He's been handing flyers out, asking for raffle items and talking up the Hope House Racquet Ball Tournament. I previously commented on the outpouring of support of our local communities and how proud I was to be a part of such a heart warming effort. It's like getting a great big hug, of which I have no aversions to, unlike some of my other friends.

But...and yes, you know, there's always a of the local stores over in Kermit, the ALCOS was not so helpful or generous or even pleasant. Seems that they have a new manager, goes by the name of Lisa. Lisa is from the BIG CITY of El Paso and isn't aware of the small town etiquette and politeness. When Jesse asked for an item for the raffle, any item, she flat out refused stating that ALCOS does not do such things.

Well, I guess you can imagine my surprise when Jesse got a different response, from a different manager in a different town, but from the same named store. That's right, the manager over at the Monahans' ALCOS, Kenneth, donated a big pretty pink canvas chair for the raffle. Infact, he was very polite, very generous and very pleasant.

Big question. Did Kenneth the very kind and generous manager of ALCOS in Monahans do something that goes against ALCOS store policy? The answer is no. ALCOS has a budget and the ability to donate to local charities. So, then why did Lisa, the manager of the ALCOS over in Kermit refuse to help?

Well, I'm thinking the next time I need something from an ALCOS, I'm thinking I'll be visiting the ALCOS in Monahans...not Kermit. What say you?

Thursday, February 11, 2010

An Out Pouring Of Love For The Hope House

Even in times when it's been reported to be tough times, people surprise and amaze you. I know as of late, my little part of Texas has been getting a great deal of bad press. I just wanted to share with all of you an email I received from my very good friend, Jesse. It's an update about the upcoming tournament in March:

Family & Friends;

I am coordinating a Benefit Racquetball Tournament hosted here in Wink by the Wink-Loving ISD.

The Tournament will Benefit Gifts of Hope, Inc. "Assisting Cancer Patients' Needs". This is a local organization based right here in the Permian Basin. They provide lodging and various other services to patients who require treatment either at the Allison Cancer Center in Midland, TX or the West Texas Cancer Center in Odessa, TX.

Plans are well underway and the word is out! The following is a list of things that will be happening for the days events:

Date: Saturday, 13 March 2010
Registration Fee: $50.00 Per Player
Registration deadline: 03 March 2010
Place: Frank R. Barton Physical Fitness Center, Wink, TX
Event: Double Elimination, Singles Tournament
Prizes: Prizes awarded for 1st, 2nd, & 3rd places. All participants will receive a tournament T-Shirt.

The Moya family (Mary Ann) will be selling breakfast burritos; and, coordinating a bake-sale.

The Wink Volunteer Fire Department will be selling Hamburger and Hotdog plates.

Water, and Gatorade have been donated to sell, along with a variety of other items.

Cancer awareness wristbands will be available for purchase at $2.00 each. They are lavender in color with the saying: "Faith-Hope-Love-Courage-Strength".

We will have a Pepsi wagon for soda sales.

There is a Raffle underway at $2.00 per ticket or 3 for $5.00. The items for raffle are as follows:
2 - Blue folding canvas lawn chairs; donated by Jesse R. Moya, Wink, TX
4 - Pink folding canvas lawn chairs; donated by Jesse R. Moya, Wink, TX
2 - Portable ice chests/shoulder strap; donated by Jesse R. Moya, Wink, TX
1 - 3 Gallon water jug; donated by MG Sales & Service, Kermit, TX
1 - 5 Gallon water jug; donated by MG Sales & Service, Kermit, TX
1 - First Aid Kit; donated by MG Sales & Service, Kermit, TX
1 - Oil Change $45.00 or Less; donated by Gasoline Alley, Kermit, TX
1 - $25.00 Gift Certificate; donated by Mary's Flowers, Kermit, TX
1 - Dinner for 3 ($19.99) Pizza Hut; donated by Johnny Ramos, Kermit, TX

The following organizations have committed to donations for the event:
Wink-Loving ISD; John Benham/Deanna Titsworth; Wink, TX
Robertson's Grocery; Tamara & Kelby Robertson, Wink, TX
Liberty Pump; Robert Solis, Wink, TX
Southwest Bank; Barbara Dudley, Wink, TX
J&M Backhoe; Martin & Stacie Garcia, Wink, TX
MG Sales & Service; Mike & Pam Glander, Kermit, TX
Lowes Grocery Store; Kermit, TX
Wink Volunteer Fire Department; Robbie Wolfe, Wink, TX
Kinder-Morgan, Wink, TX
KERC 93.7FM; Janette Towne, Kermit, TX

The following individuals have donated their time for various activities for the days events:
Mary Ann Lopez
Joely Mohler
Cristi Romine
Lexi Romine
Robbie Wolfe
Deanna Titsworth
Debra Drinkard
Shelly Mayberry
Daniela Rivas
Araceli Valles

If you would like to make a contribution to the bake-sale, please let me know. We would appreciate any and all baked goods.

If you would like to make a monetary contribution, please make checks or money orders payable to: Gifts of Hope, Inc.

The fitness center will be open for public use from Noon to 4pm the day of the tournament. Please come out and join us! Bring your swim suit and have a great time, and support Gifts of Hope, Inc.

We want the community to be involved! We would like everyone to make a poster for the day of the tournament. These posters should be the size of a regular poster board. They should contain cancer awareness information. If you have been touched by cancer in your life, through family, friend, co-worker, etc., please make the poster in memory of that person or if they are a survivor, please make the poster dedicated to that person. You can use the ribbon and color designated for their type of cancer, or you can make a generic poster for all cancer awareness. The posters will be hung on the walls of the fitness center the day of the tournament. This will help us raise awareness in the community. You can make one poster or many posters. The more posters we have, the better we will be able to raise awareness.

I hope to hear form all of you and would love to see as many of you there as possible! Lets make this day a tremendous success and support Gifts of Hope, Inc. in their mission!

Love to you all;

Jesse R. Moya
PO Box 124
404 SE Thirds Street
Wink, TX 79789

Home: 432-527-3536
Mobile: 432-352-5322

Hope House Benefit

Monday, February 8, 2010

That Farm Is Going To Be Mine In Ten Years

A major lawsuit is being brought against the government by a group of Hispanic farmers claiming that the federal government made it easy for white farmers to get loans, but difficult for minority farmers. A similar lawsuit in 1999 was waged against the government by Black farmers which was rectified with a law passed by Congress that funded a billion dollar settlement.

Instead of it being handled as a class action suit, the courts are making each farmer face the government alone. We have seen this same intimidation tactic used by the Big Oil & Gas Industry against the small town of DISH and against the residents of Carter Ave. So, who is taking whose cues? Seems that the Federal Government and the Big Oil & Gas Industry are trying to drain these people of money and generally make them give up.

Guess where the majority of the 82,000 Hispanic farmers reside? Yep, right here in the good old state of Texas, why am I not surprised?

Truly repulsive. Why is it that these Hispanic farmers are being discriminated against? According to the news report, this discrimination began full force during the Reagan Administration and hasn't let up since. These farmers thought with the election of Obama that the change that was promised would finally come to be. That transformation has yet to materialize.

Super Bowl Consumption and the HCG Diet

I didn't nearly consume enough calories during the Super Bowl. I read something somewhere that the average American eats anywhere from 5000 to 8000 calories on Super Bowl Sunday, I suppose...I'm not average. I was way below average, but I'm assuming that this is one of those times that it is good to not be above average.

I'm still doing the HCG Diet, although I haven't done any recent updates. I've lost another 12 pounds and have about 10 days left to go on the diet. I did consume more than 500 calories per day, I doubled the intake because of the workouts that I do daily. I know that I'm burning anywhere from 300 to 500 calories during my workouts.

I just read that if you're working out that you need to intake a lot of protein. A man weighing 180 pounds working out 3 to 4 times a week should be taking in about 90 grams of protein per day. Also, you shouldn't eat all your protein at one time, but spread it out throughout the day. After a bit of figuring, I figured that I should be taking in roughly about 45 grams of protein per day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Dog Walk On County Road 209

Annie and I normally take the doggies for a run out at the caliche pit by the Winkler County airport, but the owner of the caliche pit has closed off access to the public. This left us with a task of finding a new place to run the doggies.
Our doggies aren't the best behaved, they pretty much go and do what they want. The worst offender is our one eyed wonder, Lucy the Rottweiler. Her behavior reminds me of the behavior of the oil and gas industry, in that they never follow the rules, they pee on everything and they go anywhere they want regardless of whose property they're on.
In securing a new place for the doggies, we have to make sure it's off the main highway and pretty deserted. Finding a place like that is rather easy to find out in Wink and we did that today.
Annie and I loaded up the doggies, with plenty of water and headed out towards Monahans. We came to County Rd 209, it wasn't marked no trespassing and looked inviting. About a mile from the highway, there was a cow road off to the left, we parked the truck there and proceeded to run the doggies.

West Texas is populated with the interesting Mesquite Tree. Many people use the mesquite for flavoring when grilling. Ranchers despise the tree because of their two inch thorns which can cause injury to livestock, not to mention the trees are nearly impossible to get rid of!

I'm rather fond of the Mesquite Tree, especially in the Winter time when the foliage is missing. The leafless branches create quite a contrast against the blue background of the West Texas sky. Plus, since Halloween is my favorite holiday, don't the trees look all Tim Burton Sleepy Hollow like?

We spotted a couple of jack rabbits. They're not in the pictures because of how fast they are, but the dogs had a blast chasing them all over the place. Shelby, our smallest dog, got very excited when seeing the jack rabbit, probably because it was her first time to see one.

On our way back to the truck, Annie decided it would be nice to feel the sand between her toes, so she walked back barefooted. Normally, there'd be too many goatheads. Not real goatheads, but stickers that hurt really bad when you step on them. Upon inspection of the ground, there didn't seem to be any goatheads around. We also saw a pretty red cactus flower.

A Sunrise Walk and A Hope For A Cure

Early this morning I was about a mile from home without a vehicle, yes, this was on purpose. I had decided that since the warmer weather found its way to Wink that I would take advantage and go for a sunrise walk, I wasn't disappointed. I love the calm and serene feeling that hovers around me like a warm snuggly blanket as I walk alone, with most of the world still asleep and quiet.

My life is at the crossroads again. Unemployment looming near, steady expenses increasing, surplus of stress mounting...these things have entered my mind and linger. I always find that getting out and doing something for someone else is a fantastic mood enhancer, so when Jesse called me this morning around 9AM asking for some assistance...I quickly said, yes!

Jesse, Annie and myself went canvasing the area; Kermit, Monahans, Wickett & Pyote, with flyers in hand, smiles on faces to spread the word about the upcoming Racquet Ball Tournament for Hope House. We have a Hope House in Midland, our very own oasis for cancer patients and their families.

While in Monahans putting flyers on vehicles at the local grocery, a sweet looking lady, with white hair asked for me to hand her the flyer instead of putting it under her windshield wiper. As I handed her the flyer, I introduced myself and explained my purpose for trying to clutter up her windshield. She smiled deeply and asked if she could just give me a donation for Hope House and apologized to me for not having a lot to give. Graciously, I accepted her donation as she told me about her late husband, Raymond Fletcher.

Joy, the sweet lady's name, and Raymond were married for 52 years. He succumbed to thyroid cancer quite unexpectedly. It was a very rare kind, only 5 cases of it in Midland and when they transferred out to the Mayo Clinic, only 15 cases of it there. She said she was thankful for all the support she and Raymond received and that cancer is close to her heart. I could tell it was, as her eyes teared up and a slight quiver over took her lips. I inquired of Ms Fletcher when her husband died, he lost his battle in 2002...the same year that Jesse lost his mom to cancer.

I asked Ms Fletcher if I could put Raymond's name on my poster in memory of my friends and family that have been affected by cancer, she smiled and nodded her head. I thought about all the posters that are being made right now, listing moms, dads, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters...all of our loved ones. I visualized an entire wall covered in these memorial posters sharing with the community our hope for a cure. You know, it's time for a cure.

Friday, February 5, 2010

Sierra's Response To Stop Pushing The Picken's Plan

I have a bad habit of expressing my opinion, often. The other day Don Young sent an email giving us some information about the Sierra Club and their position on Natural Gas drilling. There was also a subtle suggestion that maybe we should email the club and let them know how we feel about their position on the matter of drilling. Well, I did just that and here's the response:

Dear Joely,

Thank you for contacting the Sierra Club and for your comments. I will be sure to pass them along.

Pass them along to whom?

It is true that there are serious concerns about the environmental hazards linked to certain kinds of natural gas extraction.

Does anyone know of any kind of natural gas extraction that doesn't pose an environmental hazard?

The Sierra Club opposes ALL coal bed methane extraction because it poses unacceptable risks to water quality in shallow aquifers. The Sierra Club also opposes deep shale gas projects using hydraulic fracturing, unless it can be demonstrated that drinking water aquifers and surface waters will be adequately protected from contamination.

Has there ever been adequate information that guarantees the aquifers can be protected from contamination?

Here is our policy on Natural Gas Fracturing:

If its production is governed by a rigorous regulatory structure and best practices to minimize environmental damage are utilized, deep shale gas can be an acceptable transition fuel supported by the Sierra Club.

Have I missed a memo? When did this happen? There is a regulatory structure in place governing natural gas drilling? And this regulatory entity does this rigorously? Have I been out of the loop? I thought it was the natural gas companies that were out of the loop...

As the industry matures, best practices must be quickly assimilated into the regulatory regime--and they must be followed even in jurisdictions where lower standards may be permitted by state and federal law.

Best practices? Then why is it that they're running around with Chesapeake Energy? We all know that Chesapeake Energy isn't practicing best practices. What responsible company in their right mind would run a 16" odorless gas line under people's houses in their front yards where their children play when an alternate route, a safer one away from people's homes has been identified and offered by the city of Ft Worth?

Here are additional links to our polices related to natural gas: Onshore Oil & Gas Energy Resources Policy

Your support of the Sierra Club is greatly appreciated. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

David Perry
Sierra Club Information

Apparently the Sierra Club didn't really read my email. Because I distinctly remember stating that I didn't support them, and yet David Perry thanks me for my support. I don't think the Sierra Club has a clue as to what is really going on. Shame on you, David Perry.

Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Heart Sings With Joy!

Just the other day, I was telling a good friend or rather asking, have our collective voices finally been heard? Apparently, when the choir sings in unison people do listen and respond.

I'm probably a bit late on breaking this earthshaking information, but in my world my day after work has just begun. I received not one, not two, not three...BUT four emails all about this same story.

There's some sort of environmental group, that has finally come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe...natural gas isn't the "clean" energy it's been touted to be. HOORAY!

This was the FIRST time a Texas charitable environmental group has pulled the plug on natural gas. The people over at the Sue Pope Fund agree that it's time for a Moratorium on new drilling.

Let's take a look at what troubles the Downwinders of the Sue Pope Fund:
1. Exemption from national environmental law
2. Increasing local air pollution problems
3. The use of LARGE amounts of CLEAN water
4. Lack of property rights for surface owners

Since the group will no longer be funding natural gas projects, I'm wondering if they would be willing to help surface owners who are in need of help right now. Such surface owners as Steve Doeung, the last man standing on Carter Ave.

Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Senator Sharpleigh Shooting from the Hip

Senator Sharpleigh echoes what a lot of us have been saying about the TCEQ: The agency is nothing more than a lackadaisical lapdog for BIG OIL & GAS polluters. What makes me certain that Senator Sharpleigh feels this way? El Paso's state senate representative went to court to demand that the TCEQ release documents relating to El Paso's copper smelting industry. Sharpleigh says that when these documents are released it will probably lead to a criminal investigation.

Glenn Shankle, TCEQ's former head man, reopened ASARCO's smelting plant located in El Paso, despite an unanimous decision from the presiding administration to keep the plant closed.

That's when the federal Environmental Protection Agency had to step in and prevent the reopening. Guess what Shankle is doing now. Yeah, he's a lobbyist for Waste Control Specialists, who are planning to build a LARGE RADIOACTIVE WASTE DUMP in West Texas.

You know what Asarco has in common with Express Energy? Asarco filed bankruptcy and Asarco has been accused of having "secret, illegal meetings" with the TCEQ. ya think ya smell something stanky in the smeltering business?

These "secret, illegal meetings" had to do with an application in regards to an air permit. Air permits being given on the sly? That sure does sound

familiar...can anyone say DISH? Curiouser and Curiouser.

By the way, who is DISH's state senate representative? And why isn't this
representative calling for an investigation? Why isn't this representative in DISH right now helping Mayor Tillman? This is a travesty!!! Hey, Senator Jane Nelson, do you think you should get BIG OIL & GAS to clean up their act and stop p
olluting the air and water with carcinogens?

And just like in every town across our great country, who's left with cleaning up after corrupt unchecked irresponsible BIG INDUSTRY? That's right...El Paso now has the auspicious pleasure of cleaning up the old smelter site...$500 MILLION.

All of Asarco and Shankle's cronies should be forced to wear orange jumpsuits and personally clean up El Paso, one dollar at a time.

Monday, February 1, 2010

Pull the Plug, Ft Worth Just Might Be Sinking

I was in the midst of belly aching about my decorating woes when I received an urgent email from a freaked out Fort Worth citizen. This Fort Worthian had just finished reading Durango's latest blogging about the Trinity River. Seems Durango may have stumbled upon a hole of some sort near where the Express Energy goons had been sucking water out of the Trinity River. I don't know but this sounds like another X-File case that needs to be solved.

I may not know much, but one thing that I'm quite familiar with are holes. Especially those holes caused by oil & gas drilling. We've got a couple of really big holes in Wink, I think I may have mentioned those before.

Seems as if Express Energy has got some major clean up and repair to do with all the damage they've done to the levee. Hmmm...Durango keeps telling me that Wink is like Twin Peaks with all the weird goings on, but the more I think of it...I'm thinking Fort Worth is the real Twin Peaks.

Let us rehash some of the more bizarre X-File type stuff:
  • A corrupt mayor that can get away with conflict of interests
  • A football team owner that can take peoples' homes for private gain
  • A cheating energy company that can publicly intimidate residents into giving up their yards and homes for a highly dangerous gas pipe line
  • A river that was dyed purple
  • A river that was sucked dry
  • Really ugly out houses
  • A city of people that don't vote
That's just a sampling of all the unexplainable X-File type stuff.