Saturday, February 6, 2010

A Sunrise Walk and A Hope For A Cure

Early this morning I was about a mile from home without a vehicle, yes, this was on purpose. I had decided that since the warmer weather found its way to Wink that I would take advantage and go for a sunrise walk, I wasn't disappointed. I love the calm and serene feeling that hovers around me like a warm snuggly blanket as I walk alone, with most of the world still asleep and quiet.

My life is at the crossroads again. Unemployment looming near, steady expenses increasing, surplus of stress mounting...these things have entered my mind and linger. I always find that getting out and doing something for someone else is a fantastic mood enhancer, so when Jesse called me this morning around 9AM asking for some assistance...I quickly said, yes!

Jesse, Annie and myself went canvasing the area; Kermit, Monahans, Wickett & Pyote, with flyers in hand, smiles on faces to spread the word about the upcoming Racquet Ball Tournament for Hope House. We have a Hope House in Midland, our very own oasis for cancer patients and their families.

While in Monahans putting flyers on vehicles at the local grocery, a sweet looking lady, with white hair asked for me to hand her the flyer instead of putting it under her windshield wiper. As I handed her the flyer, I introduced myself and explained my purpose for trying to clutter up her windshield. She smiled deeply and asked if she could just give me a donation for Hope House and apologized to me for not having a lot to give. Graciously, I accepted her donation as she told me about her late husband, Raymond Fletcher.

Joy, the sweet lady's name, and Raymond were married for 52 years. He succumbed to thyroid cancer quite unexpectedly. It was a very rare kind, only 5 cases of it in Midland and when they transferred out to the Mayo Clinic, only 15 cases of it there. She said she was thankful for all the support she and Raymond received and that cancer is close to her heart. I could tell it was, as her eyes teared up and a slight quiver over took her lips. I inquired of Ms Fletcher when her husband died, he lost his battle in 2002...the same year that Jesse lost his mom to cancer.

I asked Ms Fletcher if I could put Raymond's name on my poster in memory of my friends and family that have been affected by cancer, she smiled and nodded her head. I thought about all the posters that are being made right now, listing moms, dads, husbands, brothers, sisters, sons, daughters...all of our loved ones. I visualized an entire wall covered in these memorial posters sharing with the community our hope for a cure. You know, it's time for a cure.


Durango said...

Wow. I am so impressed with what you and Annie were up to today. For reasons I may some day mention.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Annie had a really fun time putting flyers out today. When we got a chance to speak with someone...every single time...they had a close family member that had cancer. It was completely overwhelming and just reinforced for me that I'll always be an advocate for this cause.

I'll be here when that someday arrives