Friday, February 5, 2010

Sierra's Response To Stop Pushing The Picken's Plan

I have a bad habit of expressing my opinion, often. The other day Don Young sent an email giving us some information about the Sierra Club and their position on Natural Gas drilling. There was also a subtle suggestion that maybe we should email the club and let them know how we feel about their position on the matter of drilling. Well, I did just that and here's the response:

Dear Joely,

Thank you for contacting the Sierra Club and for your comments. I will be sure to pass them along.

Pass them along to whom?

It is true that there are serious concerns about the environmental hazards linked to certain kinds of natural gas extraction.

Does anyone know of any kind of natural gas extraction that doesn't pose an environmental hazard?

The Sierra Club opposes ALL coal bed methane extraction because it poses unacceptable risks to water quality in shallow aquifers. The Sierra Club also opposes deep shale gas projects using hydraulic fracturing, unless it can be demonstrated that drinking water aquifers and surface waters will be adequately protected from contamination.

Has there ever been adequate information that guarantees the aquifers can be protected from contamination?

Here is our policy on Natural Gas Fracturing:

If its production is governed by a rigorous regulatory structure and best practices to minimize environmental damage are utilized, deep shale gas can be an acceptable transition fuel supported by the Sierra Club.

Have I missed a memo? When did this happen? There is a regulatory structure in place governing natural gas drilling? And this regulatory entity does this rigorously? Have I been out of the loop? I thought it was the natural gas companies that were out of the loop...

As the industry matures, best practices must be quickly assimilated into the regulatory regime--and they must be followed even in jurisdictions where lower standards may be permitted by state and federal law.

Best practices? Then why is it that they're running around with Chesapeake Energy? We all know that Chesapeake Energy isn't practicing best practices. What responsible company in their right mind would run a 16" odorless gas line under people's houses in their front yards where their children play when an alternate route, a safer one away from people's homes has been identified and offered by the city of Ft Worth?

Here are additional links to our polices related to natural gas: Onshore Oil & Gas Energy Resources Policy

Your support of the Sierra Club is greatly appreciated. Please let us know if you have any additional questions or concerns.

Best Regards,

David Perry
Sierra Club Information

Apparently the Sierra Club didn't really read my email. Because I distinctly remember stating that I didn't support them, and yet David Perry thanks me for my support. I don't think the Sierra Club has a clue as to what is really going on. Shame on you, David Perry.


Don Young said...

This is a standard reply I've seen from several others. There are a lot of "ifs" there. If the gas industry is like a lot of people I know, maturity will have to overwhelm arrested development. I don't see a chance of that happening. They will always be immature. Always hurt the environment. Always hurt people and wildlife. The SC is simply out of touch with reality and therefore part of the problem. Methinks this is about money. Even the SC is not above shilling for dollars. We must continue our own assault on this injustice.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Yes, I was thinking the same...standard political reply, as in it reminded me of the typical response I get from Texas Legislators. Education, Education, Education...spread the word any chance you get :)