Friday, February 19, 2010

New Super Lujan Is A Super DUD

I'm am so proud of my former Pecos students. Today, I watched them on the local news ditch school. Now why would you think a teacher of sound mind like myself would be proud of students cutting class? To express their opinion and protest an unfair act.

Lately, you've been hearing about Kermit, Texas and it's corrupt ways in the dealings of nurses blowing the whistle on erroneous doctors. Let's just say that the local school has just about the same amount problems. Of course, I don't have official sources, but a member of the Kermit ISD School Board did confirm that former Superintendent Lujan was asked to leave.

Lujan and his band of merry followers, followed him to Pecos where they have ousted the beloved Athletic Director, Hensen. I worked with Hensen and his wife and taught their daughter at Crockett Middle School. The entire family is a valuable asset to the community as well as truly loved.

It's time that good people quit being trampled on. It's time that we the people stand up for our rights and do what's right. It's time for the good ol boy Texas network to hit the curb! So, HEY FORT WORTH!!!! Pay attention! Are you going to let a bunch of high school students out do you? Steve Doeung NEEDS YOUR HELP! Be at the court house March 4th! Call your friends, take the kids out of school, alert the media: The Battle of the Century is on!!! Chesapeake Energy vs Steve Doeung!

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