Tuesday, February 2, 2010

Senator Sharpleigh Shooting from the Hip

Senator Sharpleigh echoes what a lot of us have been saying about the TCEQ: The agency is nothing more than a lackadaisical lapdog for BIG OIL & GAS polluters. What makes me certain that Senator Sharpleigh feels this way? El Paso's state senate representative went to court to demand that the TCEQ release documents relating to El Paso's copper smelting industry. Sharpleigh says that when these documents are released it will probably lead to a criminal investigation.

Glenn Shankle, TCEQ's former head man, reopened ASARCO's smelting plant located in El Paso, despite an unanimous decision from the presiding administration to keep the plant closed.

That's when the federal Environmental Protection Agency had to step in and prevent the reopening. Guess what Shankle is doing now. Yeah, he's a lobbyist for Waste Control Specialists, who are planning to build a LARGE RADIOACTIVE WASTE DUMP in West Texas.

You know what Asarco has in common with Express Energy? Asarco filed bankruptcy and Asarco has been accused of having "secret, illegal meetings" with the TCEQ. Hmm...do ya think ya smell something stanky in the smeltering business?

These "secret, illegal meetings" had to do with an application in regards to an air permit. Air permits being given on the sly? That sure does sound

familiar...can anyone say DISH? Curiouser and Curiouser.

By the way, who is DISH's state senate representative? And why isn't this
representative calling for an investigation? Why isn't this representative in DISH right now helping Mayor Tillman? This is a travesty!!! Hey, Senator Jane Nelson, do you think you should get BIG OIL & GAS to clean up their act and stop p
olluting the air and water with carcinogens?

And just like in every town across our great country, who's left with cleaning up after corrupt unchecked irresponsible BIG INDUSTRY? That's right...El Paso now has the auspicious pleasure of cleaning up the old smelter site...$500 MILLION.

All of Asarco and Shankle's cronies should be forced to wear orange jumpsuits and personally clean up El Paso, one dollar at a time.


TXsharon said...

Senator Nelson is AWOL on DISH.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Yeah, it's kinda sad, she gets the cancer award and yet she does nothing to prevent it only treat it. Too bad...

TXsharon said...

Wish we had more like Sharpleigh.