Thursday, February 4, 2010

My Heart Sings With Joy!

Just the other day, I was telling a good friend or rather asking, have our collective voices finally been heard? Apparently, when the choir sings in unison people do listen and respond.

I'm probably a bit late on breaking this earthshaking information, but in my world my day after work has just begun. I received not one, not two, not three...BUT four emails all about this same story.

There's some sort of environmental group, that has finally come to the conclusion that maybe, just maybe...natural gas isn't the "clean" energy it's been touted to be. HOORAY!

This was the FIRST time a Texas charitable environmental group has pulled the plug on natural gas. The people over at the Sue Pope Fund agree that it's time for a Moratorium on new drilling.

Let's take a look at what troubles the Downwinders of the Sue Pope Fund:
1. Exemption from national environmental law
2. Increasing local air pollution problems
3. The use of LARGE amounts of CLEAN water
4. Lack of property rights for surface owners

Since the group will no longer be funding natural gas projects, I'm wondering if they would be willing to help surface owners who are in need of help right now. Such surface owners as Steve Doeung, the last man standing on Carter Ave.


Jovan Gonzales said...

YAY!!! I haven't even heard of this!!! Thanks be to you and Jesus and this group!!! What great news on this otherwise super rainy and very dreary day.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

It's flippin' awesome! I really did shed tears of joy today after reading the article...*big sigh*...finally

Anonymous said...

That is a major step. Let's hope that many other groups will join this crescendo of "voices", including faith communities, neighborhood groups, AND MINERAL LEASEES/OWNERS who should demand that no leases will be signed or renewed unless the dirty gassers clean up their acts--even if that means a few less million$ in executive bonuses in order to utilize available best technologies and not "mess with Texans" like Steve D. and the Ruggerios. hallelujah, hallelujah