Saturday, February 6, 2010

A New Dog Walk On County Road 209

Annie and I normally take the doggies for a run out at the caliche pit by the Winkler County airport, but the owner of the caliche pit has closed off access to the public. This left us with a task of finding a new place to run the doggies.
Our doggies aren't the best behaved, they pretty much go and do what they want. The worst offender is our one eyed wonder, Lucy the Rottweiler. Her behavior reminds me of the behavior of the oil and gas industry, in that they never follow the rules, they pee on everything and they go anywhere they want regardless of whose property they're on.
In securing a new place for the doggies, we have to make sure it's off the main highway and pretty deserted. Finding a place like that is rather easy to find out in Wink and we did that today.
Annie and I loaded up the doggies, with plenty of water and headed out towards Monahans. We came to County Rd 209, it wasn't marked no trespassing and looked inviting. About a mile from the highway, there was a cow road off to the left, we parked the truck there and proceeded to run the doggies.

West Texas is populated with the interesting Mesquite Tree. Many people use the mesquite for flavoring when grilling. Ranchers despise the tree because of their two inch thorns which can cause injury to livestock, not to mention the trees are nearly impossible to get rid of!

I'm rather fond of the Mesquite Tree, especially in the Winter time when the foliage is missing. The leafless branches create quite a contrast against the blue background of the West Texas sky. Plus, since Halloween is my favorite holiday, don't the trees look all Tim Burton Sleepy Hollow like?

We spotted a couple of jack rabbits. They're not in the pictures because of how fast they are, but the dogs had a blast chasing them all over the place. Shelby, our smallest dog, got very excited when seeing the jack rabbit, probably because it was her first time to see one.

On our way back to the truck, Annie decided it would be nice to feel the sand between her toes, so she walked back barefooted. Normally, there'd be too many goatheads. Not real goatheads, but stickers that hurt really bad when you step on them. Upon inspection of the ground, there didn't seem to be any goatheads around. We also saw a pretty red cactus flower.


Jovan Gonzales said...

Hahaha, there's lots of roads like that around Sulphur Springs as well. They are great for 4-wheelers, lol. They're also pretty great for disposing of dead bodies ... ... ...!?

Um, so you mention Winkler Co. Airport ... does that airport even function? You know, with planes and all? :P

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

The Winkler Co Airport is open for business, mostly for the very small know for crop dusting and pipeline watching.

My daddy took flying lessons out there, and that's something I plan on doing in a couple of years... :)

Jovan Gonzales said...

Oooooh. The exciting life of a crop duster! Maybe you can be like the guy in Independence Day that saves a whole city with only crop dusting experience! Well ... except for the being a drunkard that was abducted by aliens part. If you take flying lessons, get a lot of experience! I'll need someone to fly me around everywhere when I become the governor of Texas, director of the EPA, and when I win the nobel prize for curing some globally important disease! I have big plans, I need a wingman, literally, lol!!!

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Oooh, one problem, not an alcoholic so won't be able to make that incredible transformation and save the day...BUT I do think I have the RIGHT STUFF to be your wingwoman ;)

I should be ready for my own plane in about 5 years...what ya gonna do first? Governor of Texas or EPA?

Anonymous said...

Hey! Nice pics! I know about that caliche pit. I used to work at Winkler County Airport (I'm a graduate of Kermit High -- class of '85) as a weather observer in the early 90s.

The reason I found your blog is that my Dad (who was with the FAA at that airport in th '80s) told me to look at Google satellite maps. There is a weird "blacked out" portion of the airport. Some kind of secret ops? Anyway, I Googled on "Winkler County Airport pics" and your blog post came up.

I was just wondering if you could confirm any relatively new construction or "weird buildings" in the area...

Since you seem to live nearby and have a camera, I was just wondering...


Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I would love to take a drive out to the airport and look around. I'm not aware of any new buildings, blacked out? Possibly...well, now I'm just intrigued. Give me a couple of days.

Where are you now? I graduated in 87, but from Wink. Moved to Houston, then New Orleans, then to Denver and back to Wink about 10 years ago.