Monday, February 1, 2010

Pull the Plug, Ft Worth Just Might Be Sinking

I was in the midst of belly aching about my decorating woes when I received an urgent email from a freaked out Fort Worth citizen. This Fort Worthian had just finished reading Durango's latest blogging about the Trinity River. Seems Durango may have stumbled upon a hole of some sort near where the Express Energy goons had been sucking water out of the Trinity River. I don't know but this sounds like another X-File case that needs to be solved.

I may not know much, but one thing that I'm quite familiar with are holes. Especially those holes caused by oil & gas drilling. We've got a couple of really big holes in Wink, I think I may have mentioned those before.

Seems as if Express Energy has got some major clean up and repair to do with all the damage they've done to the levee. Hmmm...Durango keeps telling me that Wink is like Twin Peaks with all the weird goings on, but the more I think of it...I'm thinking Fort Worth is the real Twin Peaks.

Let us rehash some of the more bizarre X-File type stuff:
  • A corrupt mayor that can get away with conflict of interests
  • A football team owner that can take peoples' homes for private gain
  • A cheating energy company that can publicly intimidate residents into giving up their yards and homes for a highly dangerous gas pipe line
  • A river that was dyed purple
  • A river that was sucked dry
  • Really ugly out houses
  • A city of people that don't vote
That's just a sampling of all the unexplainable X-File type stuff.


Durango said...

I Iike your Fort Worth as Twin Peaks idea. However, I must point out that the football stadium is in Arlington, not Fort Worth. But both towns do have mayors with conflicts of interest violation issues. And both towns do put Outhouses in unfortunate locations.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Oh, I'm so bad with geography. I surely thought that when you guided Annie and myself through town that we were still in Fort Worth...

I got the rest of right, didn't i?