Monday, February 8, 2010

That Farm Is Going To Be Mine In Ten Years

A major lawsuit is being brought against the government by a group of Hispanic farmers claiming that the federal government made it easy for white farmers to get loans, but difficult for minority farmers. A similar lawsuit in 1999 was waged against the government by Black farmers which was rectified with a law passed by Congress that funded a billion dollar settlement.

Instead of it being handled as a class action suit, the courts are making each farmer face the government alone. We have seen this same intimidation tactic used by the Big Oil & Gas Industry against the small town of DISH and against the residents of Carter Ave. So, who is taking whose cues? Seems that the Federal Government and the Big Oil & Gas Industry are trying to drain these people of money and generally make them give up.

Guess where the majority of the 82,000 Hispanic farmers reside? Yep, right here in the good old state of Texas, why am I not surprised?

Truly repulsive. Why is it that these Hispanic farmers are being discriminated against? According to the news report, this discrimination began full force during the Reagan Administration and hasn't let up since. These farmers thought with the election of Obama that the change that was promised would finally come to be. That transformation has yet to materialize.

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