Saturday, February 13, 2010

All Alcos Are Not Created Equal

My friend Jesse has been out walking the town, the town of Monahans that is. He's been handing flyers out, asking for raffle items and talking up the Hope House Racquet Ball Tournament. I previously commented on the outpouring of support of our local communities and how proud I was to be a part of such a heart warming effort. It's like getting a great big hug, of which I have no aversions to, unlike some of my other friends.

But...and yes, you know, there's always a of the local stores over in Kermit, the ALCOS was not so helpful or generous or even pleasant. Seems that they have a new manager, goes by the name of Lisa. Lisa is from the BIG CITY of El Paso and isn't aware of the small town etiquette and politeness. When Jesse asked for an item for the raffle, any item, she flat out refused stating that ALCOS does not do such things.

Well, I guess you can imagine my surprise when Jesse got a different response, from a different manager in a different town, but from the same named store. That's right, the manager over at the Monahans' ALCOS, Kenneth, donated a big pretty pink canvas chair for the raffle. Infact, he was very polite, very generous and very pleasant.

Big question. Did Kenneth the very kind and generous manager of ALCOS in Monahans do something that goes against ALCOS store policy? The answer is no. ALCOS has a budget and the ability to donate to local charities. So, then why did Lisa, the manager of the ALCOS over in Kermit refuse to help?

Well, I'm thinking the next time I need something from an ALCOS, I'm thinking I'll be visiting the ALCOS in Monahans...not Kermit. What say you?


Durango said...

When I'm in your area I do all my shopping at the ALCOS in Monahans. The Kermit ALCOS smells bad.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Jesse and I are setting up a booth in front of the Kermit ALCOS today, to sell raffle tickets...and we're displaying all the kind donations from all the kind store is missing...

Darlin' I'm so tickled that I can count on your non support :)

Durango said...

I just really really hate that Kermit ALCOS.