Sunday, November 7, 2010

Still Singing The Jango Blues

Remember a few days ago, or maybe it was further back...hmm...time is such a blur for me. Anywho, a man emailed me on Jango to inform me that the true path to righteousness is through the Roman Catholic church. I'm not even sure why he felt the need to convince me of this, so I didn't respond, but he emailed me again:

Hope I didn't freak you out too much on that last e-mail, Raven, but I'm pretty passionate about being Catholic Christian....I left home when I was 18 searching for God and going through all types of beliefs, finally read a book about the Early Church Fathers and couldn't deny the Catholic Church sounded just like what the early Christians(spiritually and belief-wise) were like. Two good sources if you were interested would be St. Ignatius of Antioch, and Justin Martyr...or Mike Aquilina has a book on the Early Church Fathers......Anyway, have a wonderful day and hope you find God in a meaningful way in your life!

God bless and peace to you, Steve.

Well, isn't that sweet...he hopes that I'll find God in a meaningful way...and on top of that...he even introduced himself to me. Hello, Steve... and here's my response:

Well,, you didn't freak me out. And honestly "early church fathers" is another word for men that try to define God. Again, I'm not in search of the "right" religion. Only a true relationship with God. I read His Word, and have prayed and received the gift of interpretation, which according to the bible, any one of us can receive, with faith. Over the past three years since I separated from organized religion, I have found more truths and epiphanies than anyone could ever imagine. It is also not my job to spread what I know...unless someone asks. First, I'll tell you why I just can't get into Catholicism... With the coming of Jesus Christ...there was no more need for intercessory prayer or sacrifices...see Steve, he took all that away and the veil ripping in the holy of the symbolic and actual sign that ALL the rules that men have made up...are not required. To follow God...all you must do is LOVE HIM with all your heart, have faith and keep HIS commandments. Sorry, hun...

You don't have to hope...I already have :-)

Why is it that when people leave home and do all sorts of really heinous stuff they call it "searching for God". Come on, you were sinning and you liked it, you bastard!

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