Thursday, June 28, 2012

Traversing Texas With Princess Annie And Her Dog Shellby

It's been a while, and I must admit that the look of Blogger has somewhat changed, but I think I am able to navigate this wreck of blog to some degree, fairly accurately.

Speaking of navigating, Princess Annie and I will be headed to some of the great State Parks of Texas, Sunday.  Over the humpy hills, through the towering trees and across the randy rivers we will make our way to the Gulf Coast of Mississippi.

Our first stop is Llano River State Park.  Annie and I secured a camp site for our tent that includes running water and an electrical outlet.  Just because I will be "roughing" it does not mean I have to go without freshly brewed coffee!

The most challenging part of our trip, in my opinion, is the traveling with a dog part.  You are not allowed to leave your pet unattended at the camp site, which in essence means that Shellby must do all the activities that we have planned, such as tubing, canoeing, ghost hunting, wild life viewing and fishing.

My buddy Durango is coming along.  He is an expert camper and traveler and we are excited that he will be tagging along! 

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Durango said...

The new version of Blogger is easier to get used to than Facebook's new version of Scrabble. I wish both would just leave well enough alone, though.

I've got my inflatable kayak, giant air mattress and snakebite kit already to go.