Thursday, April 29, 2010

Being a NRFU Agent

I completed my week of Census Training and now I am officially a NRFU Agent. I'll see if you can figure out what acronym NRFU is. There were TONS of acronyms in the NRFU training manual. HU, WHEHU, EQ and various other such tid bits of exciting information.

I'd love to be able to tell you that training was extremely fun and riveting, but alas...I can not. Since I had gone through the previous training most of the first couple of days was a recap of stuff I already knew. I really tried not to be a know it all, because I just can not tolerate know it alls. To pacify myself and keep my ADD from kicking in, I texted friends and read a book during the parts I already knew. I didn't think I had bothered anyone, but the next day our CL advised me about excessive texting, she didn't seem to mind the two ladies sitting at the end of my table that talked constantly. In response I limited my texting to breaks and lunch but continued to read my book, which I finished yesterday.

I guess you might be wondering how a teacher managed to take off time during TAKS testing. Normally, I wouldn't have been able to do that, but since the school I am employed by is shutting their doors for good on May 28th, and we haven't had a math teacher for over a month, I didn't think they would mind much. I'll see when I return to work on Monday.

Others have asked what I'll be doing for employment. Well, just yesterday I was informed by the Kermit ISD, a little district about seven miles from my abode, hired me. Yep, the school board met last night and voted to accept my application. Hmmm...that's something the Wink ISD school board could never do. I wonder why?

I was also delighted about the salary. It's good. The drive, a fourteen mile round trip, will be the shortest commute I've had since moving to Texas back in 2001. I've gone from one hundred four to ninety eight to thirty four and now just fourteen miles! I'm so very very excited!

Traveling HWY 18 everyday this week to Census Training had me passing something unusual. It involves wheels, carts, blue containers and a man. I think tomorrow I am gonna stop and take some pictures and figure out what this little man is up to. Should make for an interesting day.

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