Sunday, April 25, 2010

Water Balloons, Butterscotch and A Return

Today is my daddy's birthday. His favorite flavors are butterscotch and black licorice. When deciding on baking my daddy a birthday treat, I decided better go with butterscotch. Whipped up a fantastic butterscotch cupcake recipe and soon I'll have those delicious morsels cooling and topped with butter cream icing with a hint of butterscotch.

Mommy took daddy to their usual get away the Ft Davis Mountains. The kids and I also like the mountains of Ft Davis and do a bit a hiking there periodically. Another favorite fun activity the kids and I adore is fighting each other with water balloons. The most difficult part of having a water balloon fight is the preparation. I think I get the wettest filling up all the water balloons!

Our backyard is a hodge podge of different hiding places. A big shed, a play house, trees and all sorts of neat concealed places where one could hide in ambush. My daughter Annie has a real talent for hiding and jumping out when you least expect it.

Those simple pleasures bring me back to a time of innocence. I never thought I'd go through divorce twice, didn't plan on it, but the scars it left behind sometimes plagued me with a feeling of being stained and blotted. Days like today help me get back to a time of innocence before all the ugly things have happened.

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