Thursday, July 8, 2010

My Blue Eyes... Toni Etier

The written word is beautiful to me. When those words are in music, a book or a poem...I must listen. I seek out lyrics and the meanings in between. A while back I blogged about a band and within that band is a drummer. And this drummer has a very special girlfriend. You may remember her smiling face in one of my pictures. Below is a poem that she composed:

My Blue Eyes

my blue eyes betray my thoughts,

they casually drop my secrets like gossip.

my blue eyes sometimes lie for me...

though seldom do they try.

my blue eyes deceive you still,

as honest as they are...

you don't see,

too wrapped up in yourself...

no thoughts of me.

my blue eyes see your heart,

they know your soul.





my blue eyes patiently wait,

they search you for me.

my blue eyes...


Toni Etier

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