Friday, July 9, 2010

Recovering, Relaxing and Rethinking

bored Pictures, Images and PhotosI haven't felt like blogging much lately. I usually blog about the things I do and see. Seeing that I am pretty much housebound I have not seen much lately. Why am I housebound? Surgery. Yes, a couple of weeks ago I underwent a major minor surgery. Only a handful of my closest friends know the exact procedure, but it does require a few weeks of very limited activity.

What's a person to do while stuck in the house with only the ability to ambulate a few steps and lift very light objects? Read. Being on pain numbing medication limits my reading ability or I should say my endurance. The words on the page mixed with codeine tends to send me off to slumber quite often.

What's my next option? Watching movies. After about ten movies, well...I'm quite movied out. Then what? Talking on the phone. My poor poor poor friends. I should say that I am quite certain that they are definitely tired of my calling.

I have completed four puzzles, looked out the window a few hundred times, washed all the clothes I could find, dusted everything in sight...facebooked until I am blue in the face and now here I am writing the most uninteresting blog possible.


Durango said...

I can speak only for myself among your legion of friends, but I have not minded at all the dozens of calls during your convalescence from your top secret operation. I have found it a bit unsettling, though, the number of times you've passed out in mid-sentence due to all the painkillers you are taking to kill all your pain.

twister said...

You could post pictures. Something like: here's me, Black & Blue.

TXsharon said...

Aw, I'm sorry you're housebound. That's no fun at all. I hope you are back in tip-top shape pronto!

muzquite said... sympathies also for your houseboundedness, along with best wishes for a quick and continued recovery.

That said, I'm glad to know the reason for the lack of posts here lately - not glad for your tribulations/surgery - but only to know that there was a reasonable explanation... because I was starting to fear that you were about to log off.

It's good to know that one of our sanest voices out here in West Mesquiteville isn't going away... because after all, very few people are brave or willing enough to speak truth to the face of King Oil Bidness in Wink or Odessa or Midland....

So keep feeling better, keep on keeping on and if all else fails, one beer goes well with codeine. Disclaimer - I ain't no doctor but I have stayed at a Holiday Inn before.

And if you're recovered, or even partly so, don't forget the Bluesfest in Midville at the end of the month... good blues will make ever'thang better.