Thursday, June 3, 2010

Annie's First Ever Plane Ride

Don't have a recollection of my first plane ride. May be because I took that flight at the tender age of six months. Later in life I had many rides I remember well. Annie flew for the first time at a much older age than myself, her hall of flight memory, nine. I like that she experienced it at nine. I tell her all the time that this is her final year of being a single digit. Never ever again will her age only contain a spot for one number.

The thought of it saddens me, but also brings to mind the next few years of being a pre-teen. Not feeling old enough to do anything, feeling too old to do some things and yet wishing all the while to be a teenager. Or at least...that's how I remembered it.

Her first flight, that of one hour and fifteen minutes into Denver went without any surprises. Of course, though on a normal lift off, you get that usual rumbling sound. Except it doesn't feel usual when it's your first time. Annie's eyes widened, her tiny hands gripped the arm rests and she peered deep into my eyes for the reassuring look of comfort. Finding it, she relaxed and witnessed for the first time the ground below her growing minuscule through a tiny window.

She inquired ahead of time of many people what she should expect and how she could prepare for the plane ride. Some offered the advice of chewing gum to alleviate ear clogging problems. Of course, armed with that nifty piece of advice...she repeatedly asked me if I remembered to bring gum.
Another told her that she would need coinage in order to use the bathroom, but that may be she shouldn't use the bathroom for the fear of it sucking her out the plane. Annie decided against using the facilities and passed up a soda in order to prevent the need for a bathroom trip.

Did I mention how the princess loves to be prepared and plan well?


Durango said...

Cute pics of Princess Annie. If I remember right I never flew anywhere til I was, I think, 19. North to Alaska, to Juneau, and then in a seaplane to the fishing village of Hoonah, then ferry to Sitka to fly back to Seattle. This was on Alaskan. Back then they gave you food as you waited, like donuts, coffee, orange juice. Then in the air you got an entire feeding, on a plate! I wonder what 1st class was like? How did they manage to feed everyone like that? Nowadays it seems like just giving you your little 4 ounces of something to drink and throwing a bag of peanuts at you is a BIG DEAL.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Your flight hall of fame didn't begin until 19? I wouldn't have surmised that at all. Yes, but now there's such a wide variety of drinks...sodas, water, juices, coffee...and for a few bucks more Gar the Texan's favorite. And now they give you not only peanuts but PRETZELS! Ahhh...don't know if I could handle the service in First Class ;-)

Annie rarely smiles for pics now...she has this I'm too kewel for smiling thing going on. I suppose it's to match her new shorter and darker hairstyle. :-)

Durango said...

I thought Annie was looking rather chic. I did not realize she had such an extensive makeover, including a new hair color.

The last time I flew it was on Southwest. My throat was parched. I was coughing. The drink server gave me an entire can of COKE! And an extra bag of peanuts to make me cough some more.

I long for the good old days when flying was a good thing, gas cost 25 cents a gallon, a room at a Motel 6 cost $6, a McDonald's cheeseburger was 29 cents, fries 19 cents and a shake 25 cents. A dollar really went a long ways way back then. When it was still worth a dollar.