Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Oil Flood Protest New Orleans asks, "Who Dat Gonna Clean This Up?"

This is a shot of the famous Jackson Square in New Orleans. Usually it's filled with tourists, but not on this day. On May 30th, the Square was flooded with locals demanding accountability. Wondering why it is that the ones in charge have allowed the BP oil leak to continue. They're angry and they want answers now!

Louisiana felt the devastating effects of Katrina but recovered. If you remember the coverage of the hurricane you should also remember how thousands of people were left stranded without help, how the rest of us looked on in horror. I remember that time well, waiting to hear from my brother, my grandparents...I don't want them to feel alone.

Photos by Maria T. Brodine


Jen said...

I wanted to comment on the Summer Mummers but it didn't allow me to write a comment there.. so I just wanted to say Hi to you here. :)

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

One day blogger was being a big pill... Sorry about that! But hello! Good to see ya :-)