Sunday, June 13, 2010

Getting Buttered Up At Summer Mummers

A few months ago, a friend mentioned taking me to Summer Mummers. I'd never been. I'd never heard of it. I wanted to go. My good buddy Durango, did a little background research for me so that I would be prepared. What I learned before going was that people that you didn't know would want to dowse you in popcorn. I also learned that if you don't have a sense of humor or are a stuffed shirt you just shouldn't go. Finally, one of my friends gave me the best advice, "Don't wear opened toe shoes." That, I think was the best advice ever.

Arriving at the Yucca Theatre in Midland found me showing my ID. The purpose, so I could purchase a margarita. With margarita in hand, my escort for the evening wanted to ensure that I had the best experience possible. He purchased flashing buttons, donned me with Mardis Gras beads and bought an entire rack of popcorn. Some for eating, but the majority would be airborne at some point.

We sat in the pit, putting us directly in front of the stage and behind the piano man. Remember those old serial movies from the old time movie experience? Part of the melodrama played as a movie while actors performed other parts on stage. During the movie playing portion, Mr. Piano man provided the running music.

The premise of the show was a talent search in the desert. The promotional name for the contest was titled STD. The Limp Wrist agency sponsored the contest, the owners Sgt. Pepper and Captain N. Tennille would be leaving the company to their daughter and the winner of the STD would have the privilege of sharing ownership. So, if you have any imagination, the plot consisted of looking for the next big STD.

We were informed that when the Villain appeared you needed to boo and throw popcorn. When the protagonist appeared you should clap and be very enthusiastic. I don't know how I missed snapping a shot of the villain, but I did manage to capture the good guys and their sidekicks.

There's a bit of crowd participation. For instance, the Limp Wrist owners daughter's name is Caroline Goodtimes. When her name was said, "Sweet Caroline..." the crowd responded, "Da Da Daaa"... you know like the Neil Diamond song. In fact, one needed to be a bit familiar with all types of songs in order to get some of the jokes.

Of course, as in all melodramas, the good guys save the day, win the girl's heart...and everyone (except for the villain) lives happily ever after. This melodrama was no exception. Just when I thought it was over, that's when the variety show began.

There were so many acts and one liners I just kept laughing and clapping. I remembered this one joke for my buddy Durango. It goes like this, "How are Old Men and Good Coffee the same?" "They're RICH." I'm sure he'll appreciate that one.

Dancers? Oh, yes...plenty of dancers ranging in gender and age. From the black eyed bees to Les Girls there wasn't a lack of music or dancing. Even the crowd got a chance to dance to the Time Warp from the old cult classic, The Rocky Horror Picture Show. Did I dance? Oh, you betcha.

I would have to say the entire evening was a total blast and I would definitely do it again. The highlight? Hmmm...hard to say, but that pretty girl carrying the cards to announce the next act was pretty entertaining!


Durango said...

The Mummers thing sounded fun. The Summer Mummers are now following me on Twitter. Why? I dunno.

I think I'm too old to get that coffee joke.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Cuz you're so followable? :-)

stephdc said...

I LOVE Summer Mummers. Last summer was the first time for me to go and I happened to be 9 months pregnant at the time. It was a different experience! I'm going again next month so hopefully I'll finally get to taste one of those wonderful margaritas that that everyone loved.