Saturday, March 5, 2011

Reality Check, Please!

I've been getting lesson after lesson regarding the "reality" of online characters. I use the word character purposely, because well, most of what you see people put out there "online" isn't real. Take for instance the women. I was just commenting the other day how every woman's profile pic on their blogs, Facebook and MySpace reeked of fantasticalness. (Yes, that's a made up word, but I'm an English teacher, so I'm entitled)

I'm in awe and speechless of how amazingly gorgeous all these women are. Then, somehow or another, I'll meet them personally and dang if someone didn't use photo enhance or fix it or a photo from the long distance past. Really? You're that desperate for attention and glory that you would "fake" it? I've heard about faking in the bedroom, but on Facebook?

So, I have this girlfriend of mine that is totally INFATUATED with this freelance writer that is a college student and single dad. He's constantly posting sly witty stuff on his wall as well as flirting shamelessly with every woman that he comes in contact with. He leaves a trail of bread crumbs that she devours without a second thought. I've tried to tell her time and time again, that he's just a house dad. Nothing special. He dabbles. He's not serious or even interesting, it's all a put on.

Imagine my surprise, when I visit this "celebrity's" wall and a he is bitch slapped by a REAL writer! Not just bitched slapped, but also told off that he only posts these "fluff" pieces for attention!

"Write a good story kid. Something we can get a grasp on, something that relates to our experience in life....or make your story so compelling we want to read it. You are young, you have experienced some of lifes pain and impact. You have ...not demonstrated that yet. Get down into your soul and write some stuff that has impact that your readers can relate to. Now...if your readers are your age maybe they can relate. The fact is, if you want to really set things on fire you have to transcend to stuff that has some gut wrenching meat to it. The stuff you put online is all fluff. Ya, you are a good looking guy and you put a lot of stuff up that is sexy. That is not going to make it in the real world. If you consider yourself a talented writer then develop a novel and work your ass off to make it work. I would read it. You have to do something that will ignite your public. I love big muscles so I enjoy pics of you. That was probably an improper thing to say.

You are frustrated. Either you have talent or you do not. Go write some stuff that you like. Ya, you can not be an idiot about basic sentence structure and stuff. Look back at what you have written before. Did it work, or not really at...track much attention at all? Good writing is not a Facebook thing. Facebook is good for being obtuse and or just making a splash with idiots. Go put yourself in recluse for a few months and right something serious, if you want to be a writer. Your stuff on facebook is fluff and designed to get attention. Not that we do not like it. It just is not going to get you accepted as a serious writer. You can still do Facebook, just work your ass off in the background...and do not say a word until your work is published."

Whew...I needed a good laugh, and DAMN, if it isn't a GREAT feeling to know when you're RIGHT!


FW Friends said...

Really good observations lately, CT&CT.

These virtual realities and so called friendships certainly murky reality and true human relationship. Media, but particularly social media, has its up sides. However, for people lacking sophistication or critical thinking skills, like the younger set, it can be sort of de-humanizing. Something the world needs less of, not more...but in clever ways developed by creative but profit driven people of flesh and bones.

Again great posts. Sure miss the real life stories of the mom, teacher, and community activist on small town west Texas, though.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Community activism had to take a back seat...real life set in with real threats. Mom can only handle a few things at a time, but hopefully this summer, I'll have a life partner and then some free time and then again, I'll follow my true passion, until then...I'm flying low

FW Friends said...

Wow. This should be one of the most under-reported news of the year. Congratulations.

Look out Prince William and Kate Middleton, you've got some royal competition.

As for those of us in Fort Worth way, we mainly have royal pains in the form of official corruption and public indifference.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

The indifference abounds in West Texas, as well. As long as "they" can collect a paycheck, that's all "they" care about. No matter what the future consequences may be.