Thursday, March 10, 2011

Woman Has Brain And Wants To Use It

"Really good observations lately, CT&CT.

These virtual realities and so called friendships certainly murky reality and true human relationship. Media, but particularly social media, has its up sides. However, for people lacking sophistication or critical thinking skills, like the younger set, it can be sort of de-humanizing. Something the world needs less of, not more...but in clever ways developed by creative but profit driven people of flesh and bones.

Again great posts. Sure miss the real life stories of the mom, teacher, and community activist on small town west Texas, though."

This was a comment that was recently posted on a little fluff piece I wrote about Face Book. I say it's fluff because it is...I didn't have to do any research, I wrote exactly what I thought on the matter. Sometimes, showing your intelligence only lands you into hot water, and if you're a bit attractive you sometimes get approached or treated as if you don't own a brain.

It's true, I haven't been blogging or digging up information on the misdeeds of the oil and gas industry as of late, so I decided to do a little activism tonight just by liking NADR's link. If you know anything about drilling reform then you know that NADR is a group that promotes just that...drilling reform.

And low and behold here come the threats:

Kevin Prather: Oh? You live in Wink, right? You would not even have a job, if it were not for oil & gas, baby. Just a fact.

I wish I knew how to take a snapshot of Face Book and put it onto my blog, but my good buddy Durango has yet to teach me such things.


Durango said...

All you gotta do to get a screencap is look at your keyboard til you find the 'shift' and the 'print screen' keys.

Then hold down the 'shift' key and then hit the 'print screen' key.

This will copy whatever you is on your screen to the clipboard.

Then, simply go to whatever photo program you've got on your computer and click on 'paste.'

You will then see your screen cap. Crop out what you want to use, resize it if need be, save it.

Then blog it.

If you don't have a photo program, Google for Irfanview. It is what I use. It is free. And it's a good simple program for viewing and editing photos.

If you require further instructions I can tutor in person.

Durango Izzot said...

What expertise and great service to boot.
Just two questions about the offer to "tutor in person"...will the session be in a pool/hot tub?

And is the offer limited to royalty or is it available to all?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

My, My...could it be a Durango knock off? I might have a brain, but dang if I can figure out this Izzot fella.

I'm sure the tutoring is available to all and in any setting you wish :-)