Saturday, August 7, 2010

Another One Bites The Dust...Zumanity

I bet you're wondering if the show Zumanity fared better than Believe. Hmmm...since they were both produced by Cirque du Soleil...not much better. If you are not familiar with Soleil's theme, basically it's interesting people dressed in interesting and colorful costumes performing some pretty incredible feats. And maybe I shouldn't stereotype all of their shows, considering I have only witnessed about four different ones. But somehow, the four different ones all seemed to have a common theme...freakish at times dressed outlandish over the top performers.

Zumanity focused on the "sexual" nature of people. The ring master was a transvestite/cross dresser. Not really sure, didn't ask...a guy dressed in drag. You know what I've notice about performing transvestites? A lot of them make themselves up to look like Liza did the ring master of the Zumanity show.

There were a pair of chunky twins dressed provocatively, a couple that was a mix of the fifties and the seventies that touted themselves to be sex therapists and a true to life man whore. The man whore was very funny and kinda cute. He managed to make his way throughout the audience, I believe he even made it up to where the girls and I were sitting. He ran his hands across our legs...naughty man.

Those were your main characters that kept reappearing throughout the show. The program resembled circus acts except the characters were scantily clad and the clowns told sexual jokes. That was the only difference. So, if you enjoy circus performers (trapeze artists, acrobats...) and you like for them to be topless at the same time or have their rumps showing, well...then this is the show for you.

My favorite parts? There were a pair of lovely ladies swimming in a gigantic fish bowl performing some amazing water acrobatics and balancing on the rim of the bowl. That was very impressive and quite beautiful. I also enjoyed when audience members were embarrassed thoroughly by the ring master and sex therapists. The funniest moment of the evening came towards the end when a guy sitting behind us exclaimed..."Oh my God! That chick is a guy!"

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