Saturday, August 7, 2010

Shake, Rattle And Roll...The Elevator Ride

Accommodations at the Luxor left me with a strangeness that I will just have to explain. The slant of the building because of it's pyramid shape led to strange elevator rides. Since I'm an early riser no matter what time I go to bed I always got the morning coffee from the Starbucks down in the hotel lobby. In case you're curious...there were two Starbucks in the hotel.

On one of my early morning return coffee trips I waited patiently outside the elevator. Just waiting for it to come down. It seemed to take a bit longer than usual, but the doors finally opened. A family, wife, daughter and son. It was the son's face, maybe a boy of 8 years or so, that caught my attention. He was stricken with horror, cheeks wet with tears.

I notice kids. I suppose from the the few years of teaching my observational awareness of children in distress has increased.

I asked if he were okay, he couldn't even speak...his little legs and arms started to tremble. Mom then spoke up and stated that the power in the elevator went out, it had stopped moving and they had been trapped for a good fifteen minutes in the dark. Trapped, until someone pushed the down button to catch the elevator.

I listened as Dad called the management and expressed his disdain for their elevator. I stood out there for ten or maintenance still AWOL. Hopefully they showed at some point. I entered the elevators on the opposite wall and crossed my toes, since my fingers held coffee. Although the ride reminded me of an Elvis Presley song....shake, rattle and roll...mission accomplished, I arrived on the 25th floor, the girls' coffees in hand.

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