Thursday, August 5, 2010

Not Being Allowed To Sleep In Vegas

Usually when I fly I check luggage. I do this so as to not worry about what I have in my suitcase. This time however, I chose to only do carry on. This was extremely difficult. First off, I am a woman and require many changes of clothes and matching shoes for each outfit. After filling my bag with four dresses, three pairs of pants, three pairs of shoes, my makeup bag, hot iron...I no longer had any room for toiletries. And besides, the rule is that all liquids must be in three ounce bottles, of which I had none.

I thought I would just purchase my toiletries and such when I arrived in Vegas. That was a really awful idea. First off, I would have to purchase these items from a store within the hotel because I did not have access to a car. This would mean limited choices and of course high prices. A tiny bottle of shampoo, a small can of shaving cream, a minute roll on deodorant and a minuscule tube of toothpaste rang up to twenty three dollars! Yikes!

Leaving Midland airport at 4:30PM had me arriving in Vegas at 10:30PM. No, it normally doesn't take that long on a direct flight, but I apparently did not have a direct flight. I never exited the plane at any of the stops. I stayed on while others exited and boarded...twice. Yuck!

I really and truly thought that my girl friends would allow me to unpack my belongings in the hotel room and then take a shower and head off to bed. I was mistaken. I was informed that no one sleeps in Vegas. I really had no idea.

The girls booked us a room at the Luxor. It was fairly nice and also home to the Cris Angel show, Believe, which we had tickets to Saturday night's performance. We also had tickets to Zumanity, the Titantic and Bodies exhibits and admission to two night clubs...the LAX and the Cat House. More on all that later.

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