Thursday, August 5, 2010

To Vegas Or Not To Vegas

In a few days, my summer vacation will come to an abrupt end. No longer will I sleep in late, stay in my pajamas, sip coffee watching the sunrise. No, those days of bliss will soon fade into oblivion only to be replaced with early mornings of dressing hurriedly, scrambling eggs and guzzling coffee instead.

But before I rush into the new school year, let me close this summer properly by first apologizing to my friend Mrs. Cummings. Yes, she informed me that I lacked in my blogging duties over the summer...hey, what can I say? I was on summer break :-)

I got an invite a few weeks ago to go to Vegas...all expenses paid. How many of you would turn down such an offer? Over the past twenty years of my life, I have put myself in precarious situations. Living a most curious life filled with the acceptance of invitations that others would deem strange, but these RSVPs have proved to be by far some of the the most deliciously satisfying moments of my life.

Vegas...a friend commented that it's not like any other place on Earth. I possibly can't make that claim, seeing as I have not visited every place there is to visit on this big blue planet, but I will respond with affirmation that I encountered a most lively culture and also a scene that wears thin quickly.

I spent three nights and four days in Sin City. Heard the phrase, "What happens in Vegas, stays in Vegas" hundreds of times. Played way too many slot machines (which after you play one...they're pretty much all the same). And walked my little feet off.

Tomorrow I'll fill you in on packing for the trip and arriving late on a Friday night. For now, I'm back to reality....clothes to wash, beans to soak and yards to water...ain't life grand?

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