Wednesday, May 19, 2010

BP Needs A Good Ole American Revolution Butt Kicking

I am very familiar with the antics of BP Oil. There's a long list of travesties committed by this severely deficient oil company. The one closest to home for me is the Texas City Refinery explosion. Just five years ago, the BP Oil Refinery explosion claimed fifteen lives. These lives could have been saved if BP had implemented safety improvements and used proper equipment. Even after the explosion...after the investigations...after a court order to make these improvements in equipment, risk management, work culture, maintenance and inspection, and general safety...BP refused to do so. Why do you think that is?

We as a society, have created an environment, where Big Oil & Gas companies feel that they are above the law. Oh, you say..."We would never allow such a thing." Oh, but we have. By not speaking up, by not acting out, by continuing to elect the same old tired faces into congress, whose pockets are being lined by special interests groups and lobbyists...we have allowed this.

Then we have governors of certain states who also feel they are above the law. Why is it that Perry wants to sue the EPA? Have you really wondered and pondered the question? Don't you think that our leader...the one man that's supposed to be looking out for our best interests would welcome tougher regulations against an industry that's been allowed to run amuck? One would think.

What happened to BP after they decided not to implement the court ordered safety improvements? BP was fined 87 million dollars by OSHA. Have they learned their lesson? Apparently not. I briefly watched the CEO of BP spewing out all kinds of double talk. A press release had been issued that stated there was no significant difference in 1000 barrels of oil and 5000 barrels of oil spewing like toxic poo into the ocean. When he was questioned he offered this explanation: "Well, what we meant was that under the physically didn't look different."

I know, incredulous.

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