Saturday, May 15, 2010

The Mysterious Case Of Free College Tuition For All Texas Kids

I've yet again come across a mysterious case. I'm not real clear about how this all came to be. I received an email telling me how lucky my kids were because they live in Texas. Oh, sure...this state is pretty amazing. I'm forever scratching my head and thinking...they did what? Anyway, I digress. I kept reading the email wondering what in the world was this person referring to? As I read, I discovered that people from around our great nation have come to the conclusion based on one little town in Texas, DISH, Texas, that is...that because of our generous gas and oil buddies...all of our children go to state college for FREE! Uh...not.
I don't know how anyone could think this? Maybe DISH has some sort of deal worked out and honestly I'm thinking that since the residents of DISH have been so used and abused and filled with toxic chemicals that the FREE TUITION is more of a payoff to keep quiet. I do know that our oil and gas buddies have made big settlement payments to keep people quiet. I bet the FREE TUITION deal over in DISH is just that...a big payoff to keep those people quiet. I guess it didn't work.

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