Friday, May 14, 2010

One Is Enough

This school year is coming to an end in just a couple of weeks. There's a bit of difference about leaving school for summer vacation this year...I won't be returning. Oh, it's not because I haven't loved my job and want to continue teaching here, but it's because TYC of Pyote will be closing it's doors forever.

Some people have asked how I could work in such an environment and all I can say is that a kid is a kid is a kid...and I adore kids. Instilling that little spark for the desire for more learning has been something I've enjoyed for the past six years, and the past two years have been no different.

Will all these boys change their ways and lead a productive and successful life? Probably not. Will just one? Probably so. Then that has been enough...just one. Think that's crazy? Remember the story from the bible about the shepherd who had 100 sheep and all were accounted for except for one? Do you remember what he did? He searched for that one lost sheep. Yes, even one is enough.

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