Sunday, May 2, 2010

You Can't Just Hope It Away

I recently read a book where the main character said this, "hope is a cruel god." It foreshadowed unknown to me at the time that the one person in her life that offered a sense of completely satisfying her desires would soon be gone...lost to her forever. Would he magically appear in the next book? I think not...he was cremated.

What diminishes hope? A lack of action. You can not hope things into existence. Only action brings about the things we are searching for in our lives. You want a closer relationship with your children? You just can't hope for that you have to do something.

A friend recently came to that conclusion, that they can no longer just hope for good things to transpire but that they have to create an environment in which the desired result occurs. I would say that this friend is on the right path.

Recently it's been in the news, this BP oil spill. A lot of my friends on the Gulf Coast haven't had to deal with the sour effects of Big Oil and Gas. They have not felt the effects of what we here in Texas have felt for decades. As that sickening spill creeps slowly to the coastline and they begin to inhale the noxious fumes and witness the devastation the realization of what has happened begins to settle in.

Questions have surfaced asking how can we have the technology to do all these great things and yet we don't have the ability to shut this down? For so long, we've been conned into thinking that Big Oil and Gas can't be touched. That's an incorrect assumption. Seeing as how they continually touch our lives by polluting our ground water, releasing toxins into the air, instilling a cancer that will literally tear our lives apart we have finally come to the awareness that this has to cease.

We can no longer just HOPE that it gets better. We can no longer just HOPE that the industry will take responsibility. We can no longer ACCEPT because it lines our pockets with good paychecks. It's time to hold the industry accountable.


TXsharon said...

I have to limit my exposure to the news about the Gulf because I plunge deep in to hopelessness.

These days I do better with anger because I can use that energy to propel me into action. I'm in a perpetual state of pissed off.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Ugh. The oil spill. It just royally pisses me off. I can't even think of something clever to put because it makes me mad, lol.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Sharon & Jovan,
It's a disaster in an area just recovering from a natural disaster.