Thursday, May 13, 2010

Saying Goodbye To Mona

Wow! This has been an exhausting week both physically and emotionally. Some may remember my posts about Jesse. He's my best friend over here in Wink and the best workout partner I've ever had. Jesse remains a positive figure in my life and has time and time again helped me sort through the jumbled mess that's in my head.

Jesse's sister, Mona, passed away last Thursday from Cancer. Cancer is nothing new for Jesse and his family. He's lost his mother, father, a brother and now two sisters to the terrible disease. Mona's Mass was Monday night and in her honor a bunch of us decided to do the drag in Kermit and Wink as a final tribute. Mona was quite the dragster back in the day so it was only fitting that we take that trip in her honor.

The funeral was held Tuesday. At graveside, as the casket was lowered in the ground, we sent almost 200 hundred balloons skyward to escort Mona's soul to the angels. Mona collected angels and believed that they held special healing and protection.

As I take my final flight, I leave the pain and sadness of this physical world. Where I'm going I shall no longer cry tears of hurt, but only tears of joy...longing once again to be reunited with the ones I left behind. You can't go with me, I must take this trip alone. Don't forget to live...remember I lived once, as well.


Friends in FW said...

Sincere condolensces to you and your friends during this time of sadness and loss. Having close families and true friends is the true measure of a person's true wealth because when it comes down to it, not many things else really matter much, including money, power, and even accomplishments. Thanks for sharing with us and for showing us the important things in life.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thank you very much.