Sunday, May 16, 2010

Thinking About The HCG Diet

I haven't blogged much lately about the HCG Diet, but just recently a few people inquired about what I did to lose those thirty pounds. I came across the HCG Diet at the Body Focus Clinic in Midland. The crux of HCG is that it mimics the hormone produced during pregnancy. Supposedly, this hormone assists the body in using stored fat reserves...up to 1500 calories a day. The very strict rigid diet while taking the injections or drops, only allows you to consume 500 calories per day. I know...that's not very much. I'll have to say that I stuck with the food list, but not necessarily the amount of calories. See, while I was doing the HCG Diet which only lasts about thirty days, I continued to lift weights and do cardio. I didn't want to not continue with muscle toning and since I was participating in quite a bit of physical activity I ate more.
Of course, I've read plenty of other blogs and articles and opinions about the HCG Diet...most of them negative. There's just one problem with these blogs and articles and opinions...none of the goombahs even tried the diet and yet...bashed and trashed it. I'm not one to jump on a miracle cure, or try the greatest and newest anything. I did my research for several months before even attempting it. I read the original Diet by Dr. Simeons that was released in the 1940s. This isn't a new fad or the latest diet pill. HCG has been around for a LONG time.
The Diet requires a lot of work and watching and careful planning. In previous posts about the Diet, I've referred people to different books, one being the Sugar Busters Diet. This book is fabulous at explaining the glycemic index of foods, which I believe every person should be aware of. If you're diabetic or hypoglycemic (like myself) then this a must read. After altering the type of foods I ingested, I've only experienced five episodes of low blood sugar over the past six years.
Recently, a friend's husband, had his cholesterol tested. It identified him as having the cholesterol levels of a 300 pound man...he is very thin and possibly not even weighing in over 160 pounds...maybe. Thin doesn't necessarily mean healthy. Be careful...listen and know what your body needs.


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