Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Subra Is Coming To Town

Who is Wilma Subra? A Louisiana chemist who doesn't mind dodging bullets to protect us and our children from the negligence of the toxic industry. Okay, I can already hear you sighing and rolling your eyes! I know we need industry, but we also need industry to use safety equipment and non toxic materials in their production and manufacturing.

Wilma helps communities fight against the abuses of chemicals used by companies. She considers it her job to inform and empower neighborhoods with the knowledge of fighting chemical threats.

Sadly, many people ignore her work and warnings...that is until someone in their own family ends up sick. That's when she'll receive a call:

"I've never agreed with you and I've been on the other side but my wife or my child is sick and I want to know what are the potential things they could have been exposed to that caused the illness."

During these moments, Wilma starts the dissemination of information. Through a simple exchange of words, she easily shifts attitudes.

There's plenty of work that needs to be done. Plenty of communities that are exposed to chemical threats. Plenty of companies who need to take responsibility and get it cleaned up.

Wilma Subra is coming to town. Oh, not my itty bitty town of Wink, but to Ft Worth on June 3rd. She will be the guest speaker for NCTCA and dialogue about Air Quality and it's health impacts on us and our children. I know as an educator and mother, this topic greatly concerns me. More details will follow concerning time and location. Go Ahead and free up June 3rd you won't want to miss this granny in action!

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