Thursday, September 3, 2009

The Axis Of Evil In Our Own Country?

I logged into Face Book and somehow I've made friends with a family from California through Farm Town. I don't play it much anymore, it's a big hassle and takes way too much time. Anyway, the husband in the family has some pretty funny one liners in the updates, but every now and then he goes all political. Sometimes I just can't help myself and today was one of those days. I don't necessarily have strong views one way or the other, but I do know what I don't want. I'm not exactly sure whom to trust in Congress or that I'd be foolish enough to trust anyone. Here's how the back and forth went:

Him: "Obama should say, "After listening to the people in Town Halls, I have realized that all socialism is bad. Therefore, starting next month, I propose we end the government program Medicare. You may now go to a private insurance company for your care needs." Then watch the sparks fly...."

Me: "Maybe, if there were less regulations, less denials, less preauthorizations, less controlled pricing, less hassle...we'd actually be able to provide more. Just a thought... I worked in DMERC for 13 years...the DME Medicare manual was over 500 pages long! Geez! It's kinda like taxes, cut all the BS, just do a flat tax and be done with it already. I'm not opposed to taxes and such, I'm opposed to paying millions for incompetence and mismanagement! Should I post this? Yeah, what the heck ;)"

Him: "@Joely That's because they don't WANT to pay the bills. They fight kicking and screaming for every penny, but how quickly will they drop you if you are a week late with YOUR paymnet? I'll tell you: immediately. This is NOT about the impoverished and the poor, ANYONE can lose their health insurance by getting sick and then needing/wanting to
... Read Morechange their job. And what real choice do you have on plans anyway? You get what your employer gives you. Its silly to have to turn down a job because you don't like their choice of health insurance company. Large companies self-insure secretly and book the profits from their employees! Its...a...scam."

(Wait, he's not done yet...he's rather wordy ;)

"The flat tax is just another republican tax trick to try and transfer the bill for all the money they gave themselves in the form of wall street bonuses and military contracts for our phony war to the middle class. It would double the cost of goods -- much higher than they advertise -- and kill consumer spending too. While I think everyone appreciates the need to improve our bloated tax system, that's not the way to do it. To put it another way, frame it as "I have a tax plan to raise taxes massively on everyone making under $250,000! But it'll save you a couple hours using TurboTax." And now tell me how many people say "YES!"

Me: "Before set fee schedules decided upon by all gov't officials a person could negotiate on the bill. Now, as I've self insured...and pay cash for my doctor visits, I pay higher fees for services than insurance and medicare! I billed for doctor's offices, hospitals and durable medical equipment companies...I know the hassle and time it takes...I agree, it's all a scam. How much time and money is wasted on creating all the "loop holes" ? I just want the middle man and the middle man and the middle man and the middle man (did I say that enough?) cut out! So, I should have less choice and that would make everything all better? I don't believe there's a difference between republicans and democrats, they all have their own agenda and it sure isn't serving the people...they serve themselves and what ever perp has the largest pocket book."

You are right, self-insured gets charged double which basically forces you to "accept" the insurance scam. And if you insure outside of your company, you pay taxes on it. Its a total joke.
"---OMG! He said I was right about something :P The idea that the private insurers are going to be bankrupted by a public option (which supposedly will be "terrible") is silly. Countries with single payer have private insurance options still. I doubt many people with private insurance will be able to switch for many years unless they get booted. Remember all that talk about "we're for the small businessman"? Who do you think our lousy healthcare system hurts the most? Small businesses are paying through the nose while big businesses are making a PROFIT off of their own employees healthcare! Does that sound fair?"

ME: "
No, I agree...I just don't think the gov't is capable of managing it...they can't keep up with Medicare demands and farm out the managing to a third Secure Horizons, Pacificare, Kaiser Permante...who in turn make as many rules as the gov't, delay payment, find excuses to deny goes on and on..."

"Farming out to 3rd party is Bushism....trying to privatize the public sector. And you are right, its been a disaster everywhere. TSA...bad. VA military clinics are being RUINED by this. Republicans are the absolute pits. Democrats are just politicians, maybe not "good" but by and large not "evil"."

Dude...which Bush, cuz farming out to the private sector with medicare was happening in the 90' are glossing over the "evils" of all parties. To say that Republicans are evil and Democrats are just politicians is using stereotypes hyped up by media...that's being very narrow minded and I'm truly puzzled that someone as insightful as ... yourself would fall for such propaganda. I'm not gonna play the blame game, so If Obama is the saviour and the answer to all of America's problems, then so be it...I just want to see it happen, quit hearing about, "well, he did that, and they did that..." SO WHAT! Let's get it fixed already. If it means everyone paying through the nose for social security and national healthcare, then fine. Tell ya what, I'm thinking about moving to Greece and living on the warm beaches and soaking up the heck with it..I've worked 25 years, someone else can have my social security and healthcare, I just want to be a beach bum. :)

Really, it's at this point that I've decided the Democrat from California really isn't listening to me, but has his own views and they're rock solid. I mean if Pelosi streaked naked in Congress and there were 1000's of witnesses...he still wouldn't believe it. The comment about Greece was to be lighthearted, done with the discussion...but no

HIM: "
The "media" is OWNED by the republicans. They own 99% radio stations, there is a network dedicated to republican propaganda. The rest of the networks are largely centrist. Dems have Jon Stewart on a fake news program. I can demonize the republicans (1) on their record (2) on their tactics. The "health care is nazi communism!!" is absurd and ... irresponsible. That isn't a political party, that is a bunch of nut bags. The party is evil, period. Their agenda is evil. Their tactics are evil. They offer nothing good to the American people. If you are ever going to get legislation that helps ordinary citizens, it'll have to come from the Democrats...and always has. Obama may not be the savior but he isn't THEM. We are so much better off because the nuts are no longer running our country.

ME: "
I've come to respect your views, but growing up I was brainwashed into believing a lot of things, I've broken that cycle, by hard work and questioning everything I hear and see. I think you're a well read and educated man, but you're quoting things that I've not "heard" before, so please provide some well documented researched information and I'll... be more than happy to read them, check the sources (primary, not secondary, please) and then draw my own conclusions. If you've not time for all of that, it's okay...I'm still considering moving to Greece where the wine is plenty and the men are good to look at! :P"


twister said...

Really , Greece? hmmm I'm thinking of moving to least I like to dream about it and I know the chances of actually doing it are slim to none. Still, it's nice to dream.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Twister, Why does it have to be a dream? Why can't we move to other countries? People do it all the time :) I've been interested in Greece since the mid 80s, have always loved the people and the small villages.

BTW, checked out the link...very nice. I visited Belize once, long ago when I was 18, absolutely loved it.