Sunday, September 27, 2009

Grace and Gratitude Nourish Hope

This weekend, starting about 2AM Saturday morning, I was hit with a bout of sickness. Every hour until 1PM Saturday afternoon, the sickness didn't subside. I was supposed to bring Jesse sandwich fixings for him and his sister, but I was unable to get very far. Around 3PM, Jesse called inquiring as to what happened to me. I explained how I was feeling, which then prompted Jesse to making a run to the store where he purchased plenty of Gatorade, Immodium AD and Pepto.

Jesse has that kind spirit that always has him looking out for others. He lost his mom and dad, both to cancer. Right now, he has two sisters fighting isn't doing so well, the other is responding to experimental treatment down in San Antonio. Bringing the Gatorade and other medications had me very grateful. There's such a grace about Jesse--a graciousness that's disarming and refreshing.

I listen to people a lot. I listen to their spoiled remarks. I listen to how we allow foolish little things annoy us and we give our strength to things that should not even get our attention.

Gratitude is a powerful thing. It produces resiliency and hope. Gratitude encourages the heart. Gratitude heals.

There's been research that draws a direct correlation between gratitude and health:

Research suggests that grateful people have more energy and optimism, are less bothered by life's hassles, are more resilient in the face of stress, have better health, and suffer less depression than the rest of us. People who practice gratitude--and yes, it is something one can learn and improve--are also more compassionate, more likely to help others, less materialistic, and more satisfied with life. Lisa Aspinwall, PhD University of Utah

Gratitude really does have a way of changing everything...beginning with how you feel.


Don Young said...

Gratitude is on of the Secrets of Life. There is so much to be grateful for we should all say little Thank You's to the universe every day and every time something good happens to us and every time we think for one second that we are "something special." Just look up at the sky or a golden prairie or your children's eyes for inspiration. I'm not religious but I am aware and I have learned to "see." That's the secret to being grateful.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Don, I like your comment so very much. It's so true, it's an attitude or "secret" I haven't mastered but am hoping one day to be that grasshopper all green and full of energy...landing briskly and steadily on a stalk of grass, peering around me to inhale the beauty of our world. Thank you Don, I'm so glad I happened upon you.

Anonymous said...

A valuable post on gratitude.

Karim - Mind Power

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thank you Karim, that's very kind. I tried the link, but failed to connect.