Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Big Ed Lopez the Cowboy Fan...Not Durango's Big Ed

A couple of days ago I mentioned to Durango that a few of my friends from work attended the Dallas Cowboy's game in Arlington on Sunday using the ever popular Party Pass. After reading his blog, I wondered if my friends were one of the lucky ones that actually got in to see the game.

Not only did Big Ed Lopez get into the game, but he was featured in the big game's program. Soon we were all a buzz over this fantastical happening out here in West Texas. Big Ed Lopez was then interviewed by the local 9 News West and was a feature story on the television.

It's quite an entertaining news story. Big Ed Lopez was also featured in the Odessa American. I was also given a very cute baby shower invite which resembled a Dallas Cowboy game ticket.


Durango said...

Was Big Ed L well compensated by the Cowboys for using his likeness?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

No monetary compensation, but considering he's been a fan of the Cowboys since birth...he was quite honored just to have his profile published. He has worn a Cowboy's shirt everyday to work this week. I'll say next to the upcoming birth of his baby girl, I'm sure this moment will be the highlight of his year.