Tuesday, September 15, 2009

Two Places At Once? I Think Not...

I arrived at work today to remember that I was supposed to be at a work shop in Midland, 55 miles in the opposite direction, for 9AM. The realization didn't occur until 7AM, a substitute didn't arrive until 7:30AM. Once the substitute entered the room and I explained to her what needed to be done today, I went to let Mr. Hennigan know that I was on my way.

The sub didn't last long, she came storming out of the class room, saying she wasn't going to put up with it. Apparently, one of my little darlin's called her a whore. I know the boys didn't mean it, some times they just say things to see if it'll get your goat...and well, they got her goat. I've always been non-confronting in a situation like that, it seems to work. I immediately went into Mr. Hennigan's office and relayed the message. As I was walking towards my vehicle to hurry onto my destination, but not my final one, I looked over my shoulder and observed through the window, that Mr. Hennigan was now teaching my class.

I arrived for training about 10 minutes late, but not late enough to cause any huffiness from the presenter. The work shop I attended today, had to do with the proper administration of the Woodcock-Munoz test, which tests the language proficiency of English language learners whose native language isn't English.

Since arriving home, I've baked about 50 brownies for the football boys' goody bags, helped Annie with her homework, worked with Annie on the prairie project, blogged about the prairie project here, and now I'm getting ready to go run. I love busy days!

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