Saturday, October 24, 2009

The 350 International Day Of Climate In Wink, Texas

October 24th is the International Day of Climate, according to the official website, there are somewhere in the thousands of events taking place around the globe in 181 different countries. I looked for some events that I could possibly participate in but came up short, meaning that there wasn't much going on in my area. I did manage to find an event about 2 and half hours away in Marfa and something about Tandy Hills.

Why 350? That's the parts per million that scientists estimate that the world needs to be at to avoid pollution catastrophe. There's a big push around the world to hold our leaders accountable and demand new emissions standards. World leaders will be meeting in December of this year to draft a new global treaty. Let's hope our collective voices are heard.


Durango said...

Annie & the Queen of Wink are such good activists. Cute too.

Jovan Gonzales said...

Hmmm. International Day of Climate, eh? I had no clue such a thing existed. I don't think they did anything around here either ... since I didn't hear about anything.

When I think of Marfa, the only thing I can think of is the "Marfa Lights." Hahahahaha.

Hey, we're at 387! I'm not sure how off that is because I'm not sure what counts as pollution.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Oooh...387? REALLY?!? Not good.

I didn't go to Marfa, but the event did mention the lights and somehow transforming them into the number 350. Would of liked to have seen that, though.