Sunday, October 18, 2009

What Have We Done?

I went on a mini vacation and came back to this...98 comments on the proposed beginning of drilling the Shale beneath New York. Here's my favorite part of the original article:

"If done carefully — and in carefully selected places — drilling should cause minimal environmental harm."

Ha! That made me laugh. Because you and I both know, that ain't likely to know...the careful part. Remember this? And how about this? Oh, recollect this one? Well, you get my drift...and if you haven't then you should really read this.


Don Young said...

What a refreshing take you have on this topic. After 5 years of fighting this battle I like hearing a clear new voice.

Did you read the NY Times editorial on this blog topic?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Don, I had not read the entire article, just about the first 4 paragraphs, but have since corrected the fallacy and finished reading it. It's strangely haunting to think that the State of New York would even consider putting their water in jeopardy. People are blinded by greed and get rich schemes...there's always a price to pay, a natural consequence that most of us rarely consider. There's so much proof, evidence, documentation of environmental hazards out there, that they can't be this ignorant. I suppose, that someone's pockets are being lined. This is when the FEDS need to step in and put a halt to the insanity. But...I suppose their pockets are being lined as well.