Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Going Beyond The Comfort Zone

"To have more or become more, I will have to do new things."

That quote rings true because over the past 5 years, I've had to try new things and since I have, I've become more. I should reassess and say that within the past year, that has come to pass than ever before. Five years ago, my hubby and I separated. I've never been alone. After graduation and only two days at college I already had my first date. I've never been one to be alone or like spending time by myself. Sure, there were times over the course of my life that I ended up alone, but that was by pure accident, now I choose those times and have come to truly enjoy my oneness.

I've also met quite a few people in my quest to be alone that feel the exact opposite of how I feel. They'll say, "I don't want to be alone. I want to share my life with someone, have someone to talk to." Then they'll search my eyes and suggest, "Surely, you feel the same way?" Well, of course I do, but not in the traditional let's get married way. Then they'll say, "Well, no...not right now, I'm talking about in the future." Hmmm...looking at my future, I'm still thinking, no...

These people that I've met have come out of horrible, disastrous relationships. Marriages of 10, 20 & 25 years...ended because of betrayal, their mates finding the grass greener in somebody else's pasture.

Of course these people are hurting and are feeling the need for some comfort. One such person just ended a marriage, then jumped right into a relationship, which just ended and was then asking someone else out on a date. WOAH! SLOW DOWN there doggie. Things are just spiraling out of control. I mean, we're not even taking a little bit of time to let the dust settle. To investigate, search it out, see if it's the best possible avenue. It kinda reminds me of what the oil and gas companies are doing.

The oil and gas industry is moving so fast, people and communities aren't getting the proper time for courtship. Because like in any new relationship, the first few months are the best. All lovey dovey, very sweet and accommodating, and then slowly like a big bullying hulking of a monster, the true person is revealed. After that point, sometimes it's too late to turn back, you've already gotten committed.

Let's put some time into doing research, I mean the kind of research that requires an open mind. Let's try some alternative options, let's go beyond our comfort zone. Even Wall Street is stepping out of the usual comfort zone by seeing a rise in clean energy stocks.


TXsharon said...

What a great analogy! Just perfect!

Like you, I find I enjoy my own company. And, of course, there is no better company than my kids.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Thanks Sharon!

Nearly had a heart attack today! Thought those two open pits had been refilled, but was mistaken, was just looking in the wrong place. Found it unusual that once where there were no signs now big bright red barrels with no trespassing are all over the place. I've got to take some pics!