Monday, October 19, 2009

What I Missed Seeing While Ziplining In New York, Texas

The kids and I had been planning our October getaway for a few months now. We were turned onto zipling by our friend Durango. He's never been, but I've got specific instructions from Mrs. Connie, "Tell Durango, he's still got two free tickets waiting on him. We'll put him through ground school and I'm sure he'll have a wonderful time." Okay,'ve been informed.

The ride up to the zipline adventure was truly amazing! Tons of trees, forest green foliage, clear blue skies...m'm, m'm...just beautiful. The entrance, lined with cascading trees, led up to a most amazing house set high upon a hill. From talking with Connie's husband, they moved the house there! That was his profession, a house mover. I might have to look into that soon.

Connie's son, Carson, instructed us in the fine art of zipping, across a line, that is. He was very patient and had a great sense of humor. Durango, I'm thinking you'd like meeting this family very much. Carson's best friend also works for the family business and the two worked very well together. In our party, a gentlemen of 81 was trying out his hand at ziplining. He became a pro and was the best at braking amongst our group of four. know what I didn't see up there while moving effortlessly through the trees? I didn't see oil wells. Nope, I looked all around. I saw leaves of orange, red and green, but no oil wells. I also didn't see piles oil field debris. Looked hard for it, but not there.

I also didn't see open pits of ooey, gooey, stinky sludge. Nope, just beautiful moss green ponds filled with fish that you could eat, lined with healthy trees, surrounded by lush grasses.

You know what else I didn't see? Faulty, leaking, corroded oil and natural gas equipment. Not at all. I saw a lovely home surrounded by gorgeous trees, hilly skyline and an abundance of fragrant flowers. And you know what? I didn't miss seeing that stuff one iota.

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TXsharon said...

I love that picture of you and your kids. That's a great picture.