Thursday, October 22, 2009

Big Ed Lopez Receives Compensation From Jerry Jones

A while back I blogged about my co-worker, Big Ed Lopez, going to the Dallas Cowboy's game. What was so fantastical about all of that was that he was the featured fan in the Cowboy's program. Wind of the event got back to us West Texans and Big Ed Lopez was featured in an article in the Odessa American, as well as ending up on the local news station. It was quite an entertaining story.

Well, one of my blogging buddies, asked on that post if Big Ed Lopez received compensation from Jerry Jones for using his likeness. At the time, Big Ed hadn't received compensation, but a nice neat little package arrived a few days ago from the Cowboy Plaza. Imagine Big Ed's surprise when he opened the package to find a tiny pink Dallas Cowboy's helmet autographed by none other than the auspicious Jerry Jones.

The new school secretary, Sherry Wallace Treadaway, who used to work for the Monahan's Independent School District was very surprised. She stated that Monahan's High School Band opened Texas Stadium, this was when she attended high school back in the 70s. She wrote a letter to the Cowboy's public relations people and asked if they would send the Monahan's High School Band a signed Cowboy's football so they could display it in their school trophy case to commemorate the event. She got a big fat no, they didn't do that sort of thing. At that time the head coach was Tom Landry...I'm wondering why now, Jerry's so generous?


Durango said...

Is Jerry paying you to give him good publicity? He gets so little.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I'm thinking you're right...he's desperate for good publicity. The whole stadium deal and stealing people's land reminds me of lyrics to the Come Dancing song:

The day they knocked down the palais
My sister stood and cried.
The day they knocked down the palais
Part of my childhood died, just died.