Saturday, October 3, 2009

Helping Out In A Small Way

I don't take up or support a cause unless I know quite a bit about it, read or done the research, watched it and observed it, made sure it's 100% legit, not propaganda. This is extremely important to me and my family, because well, we live in the heart of it. It's discouraging seeing all these new tanks and wells and pump jacks going up all around me with what seems little effort. All I'm asking for is some accountability, isn't that fair?

I've found a group of people, concerned businesses, families, and representatives who are willing to do just that; enforce accountability. I guess you're wondering accountability for what? Well, while a lot of us are just getting by, scraping it out day by day...there's money being made hand over fist right in our own back yards...and we're not profiting. Sure, we can sell our safety and protection for lots o' cash, but how is that actual profit?

The kids and I took a trip over to Monahans, just the other day to ride the sand dunes on plastic discs. My son had his arm resting comfortably on the door, window down, sunshine pouring in. Everything just fine, and then he winced in a bit of pain and pulled his arm in. I asked what was wrong. He replied that it felt like he just got burned. I pulled the vehicle over, took a look at his arm and sure enough big white spots covered his arm. Looked like chemical or acid burns. How did this happen? I looked around, saw lots of new tanks and rigs up, then wondered... Do I really know what these companies are doing? No, I don't.


TXsharon said...

WHAT? Did you take him to the doctor?

Please contact me via email.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Sharon, we did see our family doc in Monahans. He said it was skin irritation, but I've never known him to experience anything like it. It was very bizarre.

Anonymous said...

When something like this happens (I'm sad you're son had to experience that), it's always a good idea to document with photos the reaction, the area and note the time of day and weather conditions (windy, wind direction, humidity, etc). If nothing comes of it at the time - hurray!! If something pops up later, you have a reference. Sometimes docs can scrape the skin and analyise for irritants. L Bracken (no account)

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

Being caught completely off guard was like having my pants down in was so unexpected and quite befuddling. In the future, if I run across another incident, you'll be sure to see that I'll have the documentation.

Durango said...

There is being way too much new news about all the bad stuff going into the air in Texas with no accountability. I wonder if it's why I've had a strange kicked in the gut feeling lately? Or did I get kicked in the gut while sleepwalking?

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

I'd rather it be sleepwalking, if I had my choice.