Thursday, March 11, 2010

American Citizens Are Unhappy With Chesapeake Energy

Yesterday I didn't get much accomplished outdoors, it was too dang windy! I did however manage to muck up something quite simple, but my computer hero repaired my error and the blunder ended up leading us to an even better solution. I also blogged about a natural gas line explosion in San Antonio which I then made a prediction for those residents on Carter Avenue over in Fort Worth. You see, somehow someway our GOVERNMENT has declared that natural gas and oil companies are synonymous with public utilities. At first glance, you're what? What's the big deal? I know, we never see the "full" picture until much later...isn't that always the case? Now, what this means is that Chesapeake (and I'm dropping the last name--Energy) gets the right of way to put natural gas pipelines--again, don't confuse these suckers with the small one inch lines that pipe natural gas to homes for heating and cooking--anywhere they want! Here's a pretty cool comment that my blogging prompted yesterday:

"Nicely put CT/CT. I checked out the report from the local SA tv station and IT BLEW MY MIND--the flame shot up to 3-4 stories high and charred a vehicle parked at least 40-50 yards away. Those homes on Carter Ave. are just 4-10 yards away. Forget about finding evidence and remains if such were to happen. Plus such a major explosion will probably trigger and spread to other pipelines FROM UTILITIES like the 1-inch gas and water pipelines criss-crossing the whole neighborhood. I see why Steve D. had used the expression "insult and injury"--I would feel insulted and denigraded too when realizing that CHK AND THE CITY were viewing my life and those of my children, families, friends and neighbors as expendable--cheap enough to take the "risk" of cramming these down those poor people's throats simply for money and power. Have they no shame or any sense of decency? Do people owning stock, leasing land, and doing any kind of business with this company (and city) know what heartless and inhumane practices they're engaging in? If child labor to make tennis shoes is morally unacceptable, then CHK's conduct on Carter Ave. is......?

I agree with the correlation...if it's immoral to put children at risk by having them manufacture tennis shoes then shouldn't it also be correct in thinking that putting a highly pressurized natural gas pipeline under their tennis shoed feet also be immoral? Gives one something to ponder...


Anonymous said...

That picture of innocent children, one snuggled up in his mother's bossom for warmth and comfort and another older wrapped up in a blanket replica of the American flag pretty captures what the CARO Rally was all about and why Steve Deuong has fought so hard and for so long. This fight boils down to being about our children and their future. Previous generations had the same thought when they shed blood, sweat, and tears---they were thinking of and fighting for OUR FUTURE. We can do no less for the next generation/s.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

We've got to take a stand...none of us will be safe from the effects of the Gas and Oil companies. They'll have highly pressurized gas lines criss crossing under our feet where ever we go. I know, I cross one every day on my way to many of us know what lurks beneath the surface?

Anonymous said...

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