Sunday, March 7, 2010

A Child's Perspective On Justice

Annie and I waited patiently for our Ft Worth downtown courthouse escort to arrive. While we waited, I finished coloring in the word "representation" on our protest poster and Annie read aloud from her AR book. It wasn't long before our friendly escort arrived and briskly took us to the steps of the courthouse.

A nice group was already on the scene with Steve and his family, holding signs and enticing those around to join in a collective support for Steve. The rally began with all the children present leading of us in the Pledge of Allegiance.

I noticed the children, bundled up in blankets, that very cold morning. Maybe they knew what was at stake. Maybe they understood that the very fabric of our justice system has been weakened by the lure of greed. Maybe those children sensed the anxiety of a father that seeks to protect his home and family from ultimate destruction.

Are we going to allow Chesapeake Energy to hide behind the corrupt and abusive power of eminent domain? Do they get a free pass to run rampant all over Ft Worth? Are we going to sit back and allow Mike Moncrief to continue to collect profits despite the obvious conflict of interest so blatantly displayed?

How will you answer to the children? What will you tell them?


Durango said...

You ahould have let me be your downtown Fort Worth escort rather than some brisk walking clod who did not take your dainty high heels into account.

Cheap Tricks and Costly Truths said...

You're absolutely correct shoulda been you

Anonymous said...

Hm hm.. that's amazing but actually i have a hard time understanding it... I'm wondering what others have to say....